What kind of pill is pink and purple?

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What ingredients are in the pink ecstasy pill?

Drug compositions change depending on where they come from and who made them. A pink pill in one city can be completely different than a pink pill in another city, even if they have the same stamp on them. The only way to know what is inside the pill is to buy a drug testing kit and test it yourself (MORE)

Which is better pink or purple?

There is no correct answer to this question, so anyone, anywhere, has the correct answer whether they choose pink or purple . Everyone will have the correct answer, so know need to say "your answer is wrong" to another user. We all have our various opinions. In my personal opinion, I like purple (MORE)

Pink and purple make what color?

Pink is a shade (red + white) of red (a primary colour). Purple is a secondary colour made by mixing equal parts of the primary colours red and blue. The result of mixing pink and purple would be a shade of the tertiary colour red-purple. Or more understandably, a light rosy-purple.

What does pink purple and red makes together?

When you mix red, pink, and purple together, it makes a magenta colour. But, depending on the ratios used, it can create different variations.. -About 90% red, 5% pink, and 5% purple makes an auburn red colour.

Royal Purple or Pretty Pink?

Purple is a unisex color while pink is a more feminine color. The color purple is named royal because back in the olden days in (i believe) China the rich and royal wore purple. Some may like purple because its pretty and can be used with any sex. Some may like pink because its feminine. Though in m (MORE)

Is their a pink Adderall pill?

The company CorePharma manufactures a pink adderall in 20 mg and I think a 30? It is a generic, Sandoz and Barr are the other generics I know of - they have the same active ingredient but may put in different inactive "fillers" which may alter how the medication works. The barr has an orange and the (MORE)

Can caterpillars be pink and purple?

well they can be pinky brown like the lime hawk moth but i do not know about purple I've never been across a purple caterpillar on the internet so... there probably isn't purple caterpillars

What kind of pill is pink and yellow with Barr 323 on it and with is it used for?

Your pill is 25mg of Hydroxyzine whic h is used for: Treating anxiety. It is also used to cause sedation before and after general anesthesia. It is also used to treat itching due to certain allergic conditions, including hives and contact dermatitis (eg, poison ivy). It also may be used for other c (MORE)

What is in a purple alien e pill?

Well when i took one back in 1999 i was told that it had a mixture of things like Heroin, coke, rat poison, hash, caffiene, and alittle bit of every other drug you can think of. IT WAS SO AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What color do you get when you mix pink blue and purple?

a really dark purple, If you are mixing equal parts of each, and depending on the amount of white in the pink, the shade of blue and the intensity of the purple, you could get anything from a medium violet to a medium purple.

Why can't we have pink or purple eyes?

Humans have only two eye colors, blue and brown. All of the various shades of people's eyes are variations of these two colors in combination. Unfortunately, without colored contacts, blue and brown cannot form the colors pink or purple.

Is magenta pink or purple?

Magenta is a shade of purple. An easy way to tell the difference between pink and purple is this; pink is pale red, purple is any combination of red and blue. Because magenta is between red and blue in the color circle, that makes it a purple color.

What can you mix with purple to get pink?

There is no color you can add to purple (violet) to get pink. Pink is not a tint or shade of violet, nor is it adjacent to violet on the color wheel or spectrum. Pink is a tint of red- generally speaking, it is the product of red mixed with white, while violet is a secondary color, produced when red (MORE)

Is megenta pink or purple?

Its like an orangey green think about the colour of water or the colour of the clouds and your somewhere close (y)

Can a peace lily be pink or purple?

Peace lilies have flowers that are white and during their lives they turn a greenish colour and after another couple of days they turn brown, which is the sign of wilting. A peace lily is not pink or purple, its real colour is white. If you mean just lilies and not only peace lilies, well, of course (MORE)

What colors match with soft pink and purple?

yellow, light blue, red, green, i dunno Consult the brilliant invention of the color wheel. You can find them in any arts and crafts store in the paint and drawing department, they are also sold in hardware stores in the paint department and in beading and fabric stores.

What is the g's up purple pill?

Well it is ecstasy. Now this does not mean by any means that it is MDMA. Ecstasy nowadays is any pressed street pill with a logo. They can contain whatever they maker wants. Mostly meth-bombs and piprizines have flooded the market and neither are too fun. Just get some molly and be safe and dont tak (MORE)

Is purple better then pink?

Readers: Please use the "Discuss" link, located on the left bar, to voice your opinion! well purple pretty much is bettter than pink.I agree that poeple just love purple! lets face it...THE ONLY ONES WHO LIKE PINK ARE STUCK UP GIRLS WHO STEAL YOUR BFF AND MAKE HER A TOTAL BRAT LIKE THEY ALREADY (MORE)

Is the milky way pink and purple?

We have no way of taking a picture of it to say for sure, but there's probably a mathematical and logical way to determine the overall color scheme of our galaxy. We have no way of taking a picture of it to say for sure, but there's probably a mathematical and logical way to determine the overall c (MORE)

What is ratio of pink and purple to make mauve?

If you are going to use pink and purple to made mauve, you have to experiment. No one can tell you the ratio as the amounts of each color depend upon the shade of mauve you are trying to make. You can start by mixing a very small amount of purple into the pink, testing it, and then adjusting it. Thi (MORE)

Are the pink and purple furby's evil?

There is no such thing as that. All furbies are equal, it depends on how you treat them. The personalities change, some of the personalities : Grumpy(Evil), Valley Girl, Popstar/Diva, Cute Furby/Princess.

Why are onion cells pink or purple?

Actually, they are transparent. It's some kinds of hystologicaldyes that give certain types of membranes and especiallychromosomes a purple or pink colour so that they can be easilyseen.

Where are the pink and purple diamonds mined?

Any diamond mine can practically deliver any colour of diamond.However, Australian diamond mines are currently building andenhancing their reputation for pink diamonds. You can read more, below.