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What kind of seasons do they have in Alaska?

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They have all 4 seasons, but due to its geographical location, both summer days and winter nights are long.
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Is there a rainy season in Alaska?

Yes. For all parts of Alaska the wettest month is at least 2-1/2 times wetter than the driest month and for most regions it is 3 to 6 times wetter. The wet time of the year va

When does ski season normally start in the Anchorage area of Alaska?

Alaska Skiing   Although I can't say for Anchorage in particular, the Alaskan ski season generally starts early in December. It runs all the way into the Spring (around m

When is salmon season in Alaska?

May 1 - Sept 30 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~Halibut May 1 - July 20~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~Saltwater Kings May 1 - July 31~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~Kenai River Kings June 10 - August 15 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~Soc

What is the record seasonal snowfall for Anchorage Alaska?

From the National Weather Service in Anchorage: 132.8 inches...........1954-1955 128.8 inches...........1955-1956 113.8 inches...........2003-2004 121.5 inches...........1994

What kind of crops does Alaska grow?

Cabbage, hay, lettuce, carrots, and potatoes are some of Alaska's crops, though the climate is cool and short-season for many others.

What kind of animals live in Alaska?

There are polar bears and seals, moose, Caribou, Kodiak bear and Musk Ox. There are a lot of animals that live in Alaska.

What kind of plants are found in Alaska?

  Plants like coniferous trees, deciduous trees, tall shrubs, low shrubs, ground covers, herbaceous plants, grasses, sedges, and aquatic plants can be found in Alaska. I h