What kind of skimmer should be used with an 18 ft X 48 inch round above-ground swimming pool if the pump being used is a Meteor 21 sand filter system?

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Firstly, the pump is not a sand filter system. The pump is the one with the motor attached and it pumps water not sand. The large round tank is the "sand" filter. You would have to find a skimmer made for vinyl pools with gaskets. It attaches to the wall of the pool and is seen "hanging" from the outside of the pool. The type of pool and equipment have no factor in choosing a skimmer.

another good way to go is the Dragonfly Super skimmer this is a floating pool skimmer and only requires a hose to connect it to suction
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What should the depth on a 24-ft round above ground 48-inch wall be?

I will assume that you are wanting to know the depth of the water for a 24x48" above ground pool. With the wall being 48" in height, I would usually tell the buyer to subtract

Is a 1.5hp Hayward Northstar pump sufficient for a 47000 gallon 24 x 48 pool with 2 skimmers 6 returns a 30 inch Hayward sand filter 1.5 inch pipes where the pump is 100 feet from the pool?

No. its not the pump, its the pipe size..That 1.5hp pump well only pump about 32psi (at sea level) but a large volume of water, a .5hp pump well also pump app. 32 psi but a sm

If you have a 15' by 42' round above-ground swimming pool how many gallons per hour should your filter or pump turn over?

You need to figure the volume of the pool: width x length x height in feet, then multiply by 7.5 to get gallons. Assuming your ends are round, yours would be something like 15

How do you fix the problem if even after replacing the sand in your pool filter the skimmer basket still blows out with water about 8 ft high when you turn the pump off?

\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nI think the only thing that causes water to shoot back is when air has been pulled into the filtration system. This usually happens on the suct

What kind of sand is used for swimming pool filter?

.017 to .022 silca sand found at any pool supply store. New: I doubt that you are going to find .017 or .022 sand even at a building supply place that specializes in sand, pl

Can you use quartz silica sand for your swimming pool filter?

Yes you can use Quartz in swimming pool filters my tests have revealed that it is far superior to sand, zeolite and glass. Because it has a natural ability to Ionize the wate