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Track and Field, Soccer, Basketball, Boxing, Kung Fu, Cross Country, and Weight lifting are some of the main sports in Jerez Zacatecas.
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What kind of sports are there?

The main type of sports is physical sports (although poker is  considered a sport). A list of common sports is Baseball, Soccer,  Football, Volleyball, Hockey, Lacrosse, Swi

What kind of sport is there?

There is boxing, baseball, football, wrestling, basketball, soccer, tennis, hockey...etc. Here are some more: Archery, Track and Field, Badminton, bobsledding, Body Building,

What kinds of sports are there?

  There is : Soccer, Hockey football snowmobiling track skiing snowboarding motorcycle racing 4-wheeler racing horse racing Rugby basketball tennis bad mitten figure skati

What is the most popular sport in Zacatecas?

Sports     Club  Sport  Founded  League  Logo    Barreteros  Basketball  ?  LNBP     Club Deportivo Universidad Autónoma de Zacatecas[1]  Fútbol

What kind of sport is a good sport?

All sports are good. However, team sport are for a beginner very useful in developing skills where working together is required. A "good sport' is also a term used to describ

What kind of sports are there in an indoor sports?

Badminton Netball (can be played in or outside) Basketball (can can be played in or outside) Dodgeball 5 a side soccer (football) Table tennis (ping pong) Judo Karate Tae Kwo

What kind of sports there are?

volleyball, soccer, rugby, tennis, football, baseball, lacrosse, gymnastics, cheer-leading, Karate, wrestling, etc. It's impossible to name ALL the sports

What kind of sport is the calcio sport?

Calcio, also known as calcio florentino, is the Italian term for the word football. The game originated in the 16th century. Although at first the game was originated for rich