What kind of weekend jobs can a 14-year-old girl get?

in my experience i have worked with children a lot as baby sitting i have done waitrising and alot of cleaning. well u can always work at publix on the weekends!!! well (MORE)
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What kind of job can a 14 year old get?

Answer . \nWell, there are several things that a 14 years old can do to earn money. You can post an ad in the local newspaper as a babysitter, run the newspaper route, cut (MORE)

What kind of jobs can a 14 year old do?

Wash cars, mow lawns, take out the garbage, vacuum the house, rake leaves, shovel snow off sidewalks. The ideas are virtually endless. A babysitter or, if you know someone (MORE)

What kind of job can you get at 14 in Cullman AL?

at 14 go get a lawnmower and, well ask people if they want yard work! Then get lots of car cleaner and ask people if they want auto detailing done! worked for me and now for m (MORE)

Weekend jobs 14 years old?

Well you may be too young to work many states allow you to be 16 before you enter the working world and that's with restrictions. Easy jobs may include a paperboy, dishwasher, (MORE)