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What kind of window treatment will work with a picture window that has stained glass on top?

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If you have stained glass at the top of the window, it would be a shame to hide this from view. so you have three options -
1. just have side curtains so that the stained glass is in full view
2. use sheers or lace to make a header and then the coloured light coming through the window will also come through the sheers/lace
3. use cafe-style curtains i.e hang your curtains on rods which are placed below the stained glass - the exact location of the rods must be carefully considered to make sure you still have an appealing configuration to your window, retaining balance.

Cafe curtains are basically a specific type of net curtain typically used for decoration but mainly to filter sunlight through the top area of the window, whilst allowing an open view through the window below or vice versa. Usually not more than 12-24 inches high, are available as plain, embroidered and embellished.
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