What knives were used in vietnam. army issue.marine issue and navy seal issue?

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In Vietnam the army issue knife was the M7 bayonet still in service with some countries today. The Marines carried, as they have since World War II, the Ka-Bar USMC combat knife. This knife is still carried by current serving Marines and is readily available to civillians. The Navy SEALs carried the SOG bowie knife which was developed for them at the time and in fact stands for 'Studies and Observations Group" which the SEALs were. These knives were the issue knives but individuals of course carried there preferred knives into combat also. Hope this answers your question..
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What type of sidearm did the US Navy issue fighter pilots?

The standard military sidearm for pilots was the 38 caliber revolver. The 45 Govt. Model was the rage, but was always in short supply. Ground Combat units were supposed to get priority and wartime production couldn't keep up with demand. Paratroopers and other service members sometimes purchased the (MORE)

What were the main issues of the Vietnam War?

well America got involved because the where worried about a dominoes effect with comunism because it had already spread through 1/4 of the world countries and they where worried about it hitting them

What are the current standard issue knife of the navy seals?

a machete. Answer . I know a lot of Army special-ops men, and in this case Army SF and Navy SEALs are probably a lot alike.. It really doesn't matter what the current standard issue knife is, because no one is carrying it. A lot of them like Ka-Bars, there are a lot of Gerber BMF knives in the (MORE)

Which is harder Navy Seal or Army Ranger?

There both very difficult training programs but you really cant compare their training because there two totally different units -------------------------- Navy SEALs have the highest percentage of dropouts during training of any elite units in the US military. There is also a much higher level (MORE)

What political issues were caused in the US during the Vietnam War?

Should the military draft be abolished was a very large political issue.. Should ROTC operations continue to be utilized on college campu's, was an issue.. Should flag burning be made a crime, became an issue, along with some "freedom of speech" issues (was it treason?).. The US Navy had been usi (MORE)

What issues did US soldiers face when coming home from Vietnam?

Vietnam veterans faced massive discrimination from family, friends, employers, school instructors (teachers), etc. Not everyone and anybody of course, but discrimination was rampant enough for the US Government to pass an anti-Vietnam Discrimination law in about 1974(?). The average Viet Vet tried n (MORE)

Who is better Army Rangers or Navy SEALs?

In all cases, the units are extremely well trained for the missions that they are designed to accomplish. They are not expected to be able to do the same things, so it would not make sense to try and compare the two types of units.

What are the issues affecting women in Vietnam?

Some of the issues affecting women in Vietnam is early marriages,poverty , and many being left widows following the execution oftheir husbands. The other issue is lack of empowerment because oftheir culture and how the generally perceive women.

What knives are issued to US Navy Seals?

Usually they are issued fixed blades. SOG claims that their "Navy SEAL knife" and "SEAL pup" knives are used by the SEALs, but most military branches are issued KA-BAR's. Most soldiers, however, end up upgrading.

What knives were used by the Vietnamese in the Vietnam War?

During the Vietnam War, US Marine's were still authorized limited issues of Kabar fixed blade combat knives, originally issued during WWII. All US Marine & US Army Infantrymen (Grunts) were, in the beginning of the war, issued bayonets for their M-14 rifles, and M-16 rifles.

What is the current standard issue equipment for US Navy Seals?

For the Guns they use MK23, M11, M4A1, SOPMOD, M14, M82A1,Barret MK11, MP5, M60E3, M249 (SAW), M4 Super 90 shotgun, M136, AT4Light Anti-Tank Rocket, M224 Mortars, M203 Grenafe Launcher, . Also face mask, fins (very important) life vest (inflatable) andknife. . Hence the most marvelous of titles, N (MORE)

Issues faced in Vietnam?

For the common US serviceman: surviving his 12 month tour, finishing his 24 month obligation to the US Government, and then honorably discharging, and returning to civilian life.. For the US Government, finding and executing an honorable exit from Vietnam.

What are the standard issue knives used in the US Army Rangers?

Knives are not standard issue in the 75th Ranger Regiment. Many Rangers, including myself, purchase a wide variety of knives for our needs. Benchmade, Gerber, and CRKT are all quality knives which will do anything you need.\n. \n Answer \n. \nIf there WAS a standard-issue knife in the Range (MORE)

Are the US Navy SEALs better than the Army?

The US Army has its own special forces units. In all cases, the units are extremely well trained for the missions that they are designed to accomplish. They are not expected to be able to do the same things, so it would not make sense to try and compare the two types of units.

What is the standard issue US Army Combat Wristwatch?

During the Vietnam War they were "Hamilton" manual winding wrist watches; strap and buckle on.. In the U.S. GSA catalog today there are various Swiss made watches from Marathon Watch company. But there is no standard issue watch especially for the U.S. Army, you will find soldiers wearing a great v (MORE)

What is the standard issue weapon for the US army?

Mainly the standard weapon for the US army is the M4, or the M16. the only difference is the M16 has a slightly longer range. But when fighting is an area where the battlefield is no bigger then a football field, and the enemy knows where you are. You don't need to be a Sniper (unless that's your jo (MORE)

What knives are issued to the us army?

The US Army issues several types of knives, and in addition to that soldiers can carry their own knife or knives. Most popular and widespread models are Buck M9 field knife, which also doubles as a bayonet, Kabar and Ontario military knives. During Vietnam era SOG bowie was issued as a standard knif (MORE)

Who are tougher navy seals or army rangers?

Neither. Each unit has it's strengths and weaknesses. SEAL teams will most likely be called in if the target is on the ocean or some other water location or when stealth is a better choice instead of a direct raid. Rangers, as a rapid-deployment unit, specialize in airfield seizures and building rai (MORE)

What is the US Army going to issue as standard arm after the M-16?

The USA is still experimenting with new infantry rifles. The M-16 assault rifle, although originally purchased for and by the USAF in the early 1960's, was accepted by the USA, then the USMC for original use in Vietnam. The .223 cartridge (5.56mm NATO) was originally a hunting cartridge used for var (MORE)

What weapons do the navy seals use?

The SEALs use a wide variety of weapons ranging from M4s or HK 416s assault rifles, to HK MP7s. SMGs. They also use a variety of Handguns, which sometimes comes down to personal preference. The weapons used depends on the mission at hand.

When was the issue of the Army black beret?

The military black beret was issued as standard wear for American militants on June 14, 2001. It was believed that because the military was evolving the uniform should evolve as well.

What is is the issued gun for the Canadian army?

The official Service Rifle of the Canadian Forces is the Diemaco C7. They also use the C8 carbine, and C6 machine gun and the C9 light Machine gun. The official Side-Arm is the Browning Hi-Power 9mm. The MP5 is also in use, but mostly by JTF2 and CSOR (Canada's Special Forces).

US Army allowed to deal with issues inside of the US?

Yes, the U.S. Army can deal with situations in the country for many reasons. The obvious is martial law can be implemented in extreme cases of natural disaster, crime, or possible disease. Another is humanitary needs of citizens during again a natural disaster. Martial law is a very dangerous thing (MORE)

Us army navy cross winner in Vietnam?

There was one soldier in the Army who received the Navy cross during the Vietnam conflict. His name is COL (retired) Kenneth Ledford Jr. In Vietnam, he was a First Lieutenant, and he was a medevac, or "dust off" pilot. After retiring from The military, he became a teacher, and an instructor for the (MORE)

What where American soldiers issued in Vietnam War?

Early on they were issued M14 rifles. They were later replaced by the M16A1. They also used the M60 machine gun, and .45 ACP 1911 pistols. Some special operations units and armored units were issued the CAR15. Some tankers also got .45 ACP grease guns.

Army ranger vs navy seal?

Internationally Unites are ranked on a SpecialOperations Forces Tier System: TierOne: Team 6, Delta, SAS Tier Two: Seals, Berets Tier Three: Army Rangers Special Operations Tiers are based on budets and Rangers spend moremoney than the others because there are more of them. Y (MORE)

Were buck knives issued in Vietnam?

Buck knives were not general issue in Vietnam but were carried bymany soldiers. The Buck 110 was carried but though called the"Ranger", (as many think), was not an issue knife to the 101stairborne.. The M6 - M7 bayonet were contract issued with the M14and M16 rifle. The Marine corps and navy were is (MORE)

How warm is a US Navy issue Pea Coat?

Pretty darned warm! They are wool, and come down over your hind end to keep it warm, too. They have a huge collar that can be turned up to keep the cold and wind off of your neck and head. I have one and love it. It is Navy issue, but the 3rd-party ones may not be as heavy.

Who had more boats in Vietnam - army or navy?

Of course you should have specified which nation? Because the South Viet army may have had more boats than their navy. But although it's been said that the US Army during WWII had more boats than the US Navy did in WWII, the USN in Vietnam probably had more riverine boats than the USA did, for the s (MORE)

Who is better the navy seals or the army?

Which part of the army? The SEALS are better than regular soldiers, they are a Special Operations force. The army also has its own Special Operations forces, so if it was SEALS vs INFANTRY the seals would take it, but in SEALS vs SF it could go either way.

What are the us army standard issue vehicles?

well these are the ones i can think of the Humvee which is a lightly armoured truck, the stryker armored personnel carrier(there are also other stryker varients that are not apcs), the bradley armoured fighting vehical. the m1a2 abrams main battle tank, the paladin self propelled howitzer, and the M (MORE)

What constitutional issue that was frequently raised about the US involvement in the Korean Conflict and the Vietnam Conflict?

Simply, that neither troop deployment was explicitly approved by Congress and instead was carried out unilaterally by the President. This, depending on interpretation, violates the Constitution as the Congress (not President) has the sole power to declare war. However, the constitution declares the (MORE)

Who has better training army or navy seals?

I think your question is incomplete. But if you are comparing a person who has only been to army basic training and a trained navy SEAL. The answer is obvious. If you want to open the box of worms ask who is better trained a Navy SEAL or an Army Ranger or Special Forces.

Can you be a army ranger and a navy SEAL?

You can't serve in two different units simultaneously. Some Navy SEALs do attend Ranger School, or else they've attended it prior to attending BUD/S to become a SEAL.

Can a Navy SEAL become an Army Ranger?

Of course! There are overlapping some skills, but also unique skills for SEALs and Rangers. Also the SEAL would have to end Navy enlistment and enlist in the Army. Not too likely, eh?

How old is my army issued sks?

First off, you didn't specify which army, nor did you specify the country of manufacture - the SKS was manufactured in the former Soviet Union, Romania, East Germany, North Korea, Vietnam, the Peoples' Republic of China, the former Yugoslavia, and Albania. A lot more information would be needed in o (MORE)

How do you use cheater bar to break down us army issue cot?

Honestly, if they're using the same cots as they used when I was in (98-06), I wouldn't bother - those rails are made of aluminum, and damage very easily. I don't particularly care to have my name affixed to a statement of charges. Just sit on the ground, place your feet against the crossmembers whi (MORE)

Is the navy seals better to join or us army rangers?

It depends what you want to do. If you want to go in sea,air and land troops but trained hard,navy S.E.A.L.S {SEa, Air, and land}.If you want to be an infintry soldier and go behind lines join U.S. army rangers.Even though they still go on air and sea somtimes there lives are completly different.

Does the navy issue knives?

It depends on your rate/rank, but yes, the Navy does issue knives,be it seamanship/utility knives or combat knives (SEAL's,SeaBee's).

What US foreign policy issue was a motivation for American intervention in Vietnam?

The fact that Vietnam was being taken over by a dictator was one ofthe foreign policy issues that motivated American intervention inVietnam. At first, the Americans were just there to teach thepeople of South Vietnam to defend themselves through theestablishment of an army. There was also the Conta (MORE)