What languages are spoken in Afghanistan?

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The 2 official languages of Afghanistan are Pashto and Dari. Both are considered national languages.

Both languages are written with the Arabic alphabet.

Here is a complete list of all 49 languages spoken in Afghanistan, including one (Wotapuri-Katarqalai) that is believed to be recently extinct:
  1. Afghan Sign Language
  2. Aimaq
  3. Arabic, Tajiki Spoken
  4. Ashkun
  5. Azerbaijani, South
  6. Balochi, Western
  7. Brahui
  8. Darwazi
  9. Domari
  10. Farsi, Eastern
  11. Gawar-Bati
  12. Grangali
  13. Gujari
  14. Hazaragi
  15. Jakati
  16. Kamviri
  17. Karakalpak
  18. Kati
  19. Kazakh
  20. Kurdish, Northern
  21. Kyrgyz
  22. Malakhel
  23. Mogholi
  24. Munji
  25. Ormuri
  26. Pahlavani
  27. Parachi
  28. Parya
  29. Pashayi, Northeast
  30. Pashayi, Northwest
  31. Pashayi, Southeast
  32. Pashayi, Southwest
  33. Pashto, Northern
  34. Pashto, Southern
  35. Prasuni
  36. Sanglechi-Ishkashimi
  37. Savi
  38. Shughni
  39. Shumashti
  40. Tangshewi
  41. Tirahi
  42. Tregami
  43. Turkmen
  44. Uyghur
  45. Uzbek, Southern
  46. Waigali
  47. Wakhi
  48. Warduji
  49. Wotapuri-Katarqalai

About 55% of the population speak Pashto, and about 40% speak Dari; however, these numbers are very controversial. Dari speakers usually estimate Dari to be higher than Pashto. Pashto speakers favor Pashto in the statistics. See discussion area below for proof of this.

Most of the minority languages are in the Iranian/Iranic group, but there are a few Turkic, Brahui is Dravidian (the same group as Tamil), and a few Nuristani that are a branch on their own closely related to both the Iranian/Iranic languages and the Indo-Aryan languages such as Sanskrit and Hindi.
The National Language of Afghanistan is Pashto also called Pakhtu, Afghani according to the ethics groups of Afghanistan More than 42-60% population of Afghanistan is Pashtun which there native Language is Pashto .during the 1934 Pashto become National Language of Afghanistan, the National Anthem is in Pashto Language all the Gov documents are been wrote in Pashto the army language is in pashto .
and Afghanistan have two Official Language
1 Pashto also called Afghani and Pakhtu
2 is Dari also called Afghani Persian

and other language which spoke in Afghanistan is
a small groups speck this languages in Afghanistan , and also the dari become Official Language because of this Native which most of them can't understand Pashto but they can Understan dari ,
Dari or Persian.
There are two primary languages in fact. Pashto and Dari are the two official languages of Afghanistan.
Pashto and Dari both are primary and official languages of Afghanistan.
Dari Farsi is the first language in Afghanistan. Morthan 65% of Afghanistan's population speaks Dari Farsi and it is the native language for 60% 0f Afghans. Dari Farsi language is much popular in almost 30 provinces in Afghanistan.Tajiks, Hazarahs and Aimaks are the Nations that speak Dari Farsi. Dari Farsi is a famous language in all of the world and it is a rich Language according to its vocabulary which has morthan 20 millions words. Farsi is also spoken in Iran and Tajikistan.
Pashto is the second language in Afghanistan which is spoken by almost 32% of people and it is popular in some provinces in south and east of Afghanistan and some parts of Pkistan.
Pashto is an official language of Afghanistan. See the related question below.
Most Afghani languages are written with the Arabic alphabet, particularly Pashto and Dari.
Official Languages : Pashto , Dari (Persian) also know as Farsi in East.
Persian , the same as Iranian.
Pashto, Dari (Persian).
The two major languages spoken in Afghanistan are Dari and Pashto, although both Turkmen and Uzbek also have a decent number of speakers.
Persian and Pashto,also known as Afghani
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Not really. There are many who speak Modern Standard Arabic but the Official languages of Afghanistan are Dari (Persian) and Pashto.

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What languages are taught in school in Afghanistan?

Dari Farsi is thaught in all provinces in Afghanistan because DariFarsi is the first language in Afghanistan and it is nativelanguage for almost 60% of Afghanistan's population. So Dari Farsi is the National language in Afghanistan and more than65% of Afghans speak Dari Farsi.

Is Farsi spoken in Afghanistan?

A sizable proportion of the people of Afghanistan speak Dari as afirst or second language, Dari being a dialect of Farsi. There arealso minority populations such as the "Farsiwan" community thatspeak more Iranian-style Farsi.

What Arabic language is spoken in Afghanistan?

The national languages of Afghanistan are Pashto and Dari, neither of which is related to Arabic. There are some people in Afghanistan who can speak Arabic, but this is less than 3% of the population.