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The 1 official language of Benin is French.

The following 6 languages are locally recognized as national languages, though they are not official:
  1. Baatonum
  2. Fon
  3. Fula
  4. Yoruba
  5. Gen
  6. Kabiyé

Here is a complete list of all 54 languages spoken in Benin:
  1. Aguna
  2. Aja
  3. Anii
  4. Anufo
  5. Baatonum
  6. Biali
  7. Boko
  8. Dendi
  9. Ditammari
  10. Ede Cabe
  11. Ede Ica
  12. Ede Idaca
  13. Ede Ije
  14. Ede Nago
  15. Ede Nago, Kura
  16. Ede Nago, Manigri-Kambolé
  17. Fon
  18. Foodo
  19. French
  20. Fulfulde, Borgu
  21. Fulfulde, Gorgal
  22. Gbe, Ayizo
  23. Gbe, Ci
  24. Gbe, Defi
  25. Gbe, Eastern Xwla
  26. Gbe, Gbesi
  27. Gbe, Kotafon
  28. Gbe, Maxi
  29. Gbe, Saxwe
  30. Gbe, Tofin
  31. Gbe, Waci
  32. Gbe, Weme
  33. Gbe, Western Xwla
  34. Gbe, Xwela
  35. Gen
  36. Gourmanchéma
  37. Gun
  38. Hausa
  39. Ifè
  40. Kabiyé
  41. Kyenga
  42. Lama
  43. Lukpa
  44. Mbelime
  45. Miyobe
  46. Mokole
  47. Nateni
  48. Ngangam
  49. Notre
  50. Tchumbuli
  51. Tem
  52. Waama
  53. Yom
  54. Yoruba

American Sign Language is the language of the deaf community in Benin.
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French is the Official language, but there are at least seven tribal languages spoken including Fon and Yoruba.
The official language of Benin is French. The Fon languiage and Yoruba are also widely spoken.
The official language of Benin is French.
There are over fifty spoken languages in active use in the Republic of Benin in West Africa. The official language of the country is French although there are also two native languages in use, Fon and Yoruba. Other important native languages include Baatonum and Fula.
Benin only has 1 official language (French), but it is not a major language. There are 2 other major languages (Fon and Yoruba) that are not official.
Though French is the official language, there are 54 languages spoken in Benin.
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