What languages are spoken in Iceland?

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The 1 official and national Language of Iceland is Icelandic. It is also the National language, spoken by everyone. Iceland is a very monolingual society.

The 1 recognized minority language is Icelandic sign language

Icelandic Sign Language is the sign language of the deaf community in Iceland. It is based on the Danish Sign Language; until 1910, deaf Icelandic people were sent to school in Denmark, but the languages have diverged since then.

English is widely understood, and Danish is taught in schools as a second language.

There are no other languages spoken in Iceland, aside from those spoken by foreign tourists.
Icelandic is the official language of Iceland. Icelandic is an Indo-European language and it belongs to the sub-group of North Germanic languages.
Iceland's only "de facto" official language is Icelandic.

Danish and English are both required subjects in school, so they are also widely spoken. German is also a widely spoken foreign language.
They have one language in Iceland, and its called Icelandic.
They teach English and Danish in school though.
English from 5th grade and up, and Danish from 7th grade and up.
Icelandic is the language of Iceland.
in ice land they speak icelandic but nothing else
Icelandic is the language spoken in Iceland.

For second languages English is widespread, most can manage some Danish; German, French and Spanish are uncommon.
The language of Iceland is Icelandic. It is a member of the Germanic family of languages and most similar to the ancestoral Scandinavian language Old Norse. It's also similar to Faroese, Norwegian, Danish and Swedish.
People from Iceland speak Icelandic, Which is a Nordic language, much like Norwegian, Swedish or Danish.
In Iceland they speak Icelandic.

This is from wikipedia:

Icelandic, a North Germanic language, is closely related to Faroese and some West Norwegian dialects
Icelandic and English
Icelandic, which is related to Faroese.
They only have one language, its called Icelandic.
Though they do teach English and Danish in school there.
But they only use Icelandic
They speak Icelandic, which is quite similar to old Norwegian and Swedish.
yes....! icelandic -_-
The official language of Iceland is Icelandic
Icelandic. Or Íslenska like they say in Iceland :)
Íslenska = pronounced eeslenskaa)
its icelandic.
But, you learn basic English and danish in school though.
Icelandic, English, the Nordic languages, and German are widely spoken in Iceland.
There are no other official languages in Iceland, but like all the Scandinavian countries, they speak English and usually at a very good level. Some Icelandic people may speak Norwegian, Danish or Swedish, but it all depends.

The only languages spoken in Iceland, *besides Icelandic* are only languages you might expect from immigrants, about 7% of the population, in 2008. A large portion of these immigrants were non-permanent workers of some sort mainly from Poland, Lithuania or Thailand.

Oh, and Icelanders are required by law to go to school ^^, and are therefore learn Danish, English and have the option of choosing German, French or recently Spanish.
Iceland is a rare example of a monolingual society. The only two languages in Iceland are:
  1. Icelandic
  2. Icelandic sign language (only used by about 60,000 people).

If you think of it a long time ago ( about year 1500) the vikings set sail on a light ship called the Drakor to explore the sea. They are the one to discover Iceland and Groenland. The vikings lived in Norway,Sweden and Finland which i think they have a language of there own so the Icelanders could speak these 3 languages and if you actually want to find out how about you go there yourself


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The Icelandic language has its origins in the North Germanic or Nordic sections of the German language. Native to both Iceland and Denmark, there are roughly 325,000 native speakers of this language in the world currently.

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