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The 1 and only official language of Italy is Italian, which is also the national language, spoken by nearly everyone as either a first or second language.

English is the most widely spoken foreign language in Italy. About 35% of the population can speak English with varying degrees of fluency.

Here is a list of all 34 languages spoken in Italy:

1. Albanian, Arbëreshë
2. Bavarian
3. Catalan-Valencian-Balear
4. Cimbrian
5. Corsican
6. Croatian
7. Emiliano-Romagnolo
8. Franco-Provençal
9. French
10. Friulian
11. German, Standard
12. Greek
13. Italian
14. Italian Sign Language
15. Judeo-Italian
16. Ladin
17. Ligurian
18. Lombard
19. Mócheno
20. Napoletano-Calabrese
21. Occitan
22. Piemontese
23. Romani, Balkan
24. Romani, Sinte
25. Romani, Vlax
26. Sardinian
27. Sardinian, Campidanese
28. Sardinian, Gallurese
29. Sardinian, Logudorese
30. Sardinian, Sassarese
31. Sicilian
32. Slovene
33. Venetian
34. Walser
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Almost all Italian natives are bilingual in that they speak very well both their local dialect and standard Italian. Nowadays there are fewer and fewer illiterates who do not speak the official language very well.
Even the elderly who mainly speak a dialect are exposed to Italian everyday, because that is the language spoken on the telly or in public offices.
Foreigners living in Italy, or some well-educated people, often speak other languages too.

Young people are supposed to speak English, because it is a mandatory subject for all, during compulsory education. But, unfortunately, English teachers are very rarely English natives in Italian schools, so do not expect everybody to possess a high level of English.

In some provinces and regions other languages are spoken too. E.g. French in Valle d'Aosta and German in Sudtirolo and Trentino. Also Slovene, in Friuli Venezia Giulia.
Italian, but there are many dialects and a few regional languages such as Ladino. Some people in the Dolomites speak a dialect of German. Near the French border there are dialects of Occitan or Provençal spoken as well as French. In Trieste some people speak Slovenian or Croatian, and in Sardinia they also have their own language.
The above is a good answer. In addition, Italy, like most other major European nations has growing numbers of apparently permanent immigrants for whom Arabic, Turkish, and other Middle Eastern and African languages are primary and will continue to be primary for at least another generation.
In Italy they speak Italian. In upmarket hotels and restaurants and some shops the staff usually speak English, too.
They speak Italian

Italian is the main language in Italy.

Specifically, Italian is spoken throughout the Italian islands and peninsula. The written language may remain quite similar among insular and peninsular inhabitants. But the pronunciation takes on local and regional forms, which also are supplemented by such area-specific languages as Sardinian.
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What languages are spoken in Rome Italy?

Italian is the official language of Italy, so it is the mainlanguage of Rome, although some Latin is used in the Vatican Citywithin Rome during Roman Catholic liturgy. Rome

What languages are spoken in Naples Italy?

In naples they speak Italian though quite a lot of people there arebilingual, they also speak some English. In Naples they speak southern Italian and central Italian. Itdepen