What languages are spoken in Norway?

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The 3 official languages are of Norway are:
  1. Norwegian, Bokmål
  2. Norwegian, Nynorsk
  3. Sami (3 dialects)

The 3 recognized regional languages are:
  1. Kven
  2. Tavringer
  3. Romani

Languages with minority status include:
  1. Swedish
  2. Finnish
  3. Russian
  4. Norwegian Traveller, also called Rodi

English is spoken by more than 80% of the population as a second language.

Norwegian Sign Language, or NSL (Norwegian: norsk tegnspråk, NTS), is the principal sign language in Norway.

Native language is Norwegian and supports two official sets of written forms; Nynorsk and Bokmål. Nynorsk being a collected form of dialect that supports regions that does not speak bokmål. The sami language is also spoken.

Our 1st language is Norwegian, our 2nd is English, and the most common 3rd is Spanish or French
Norwegians generally speaks Norwegian (and a few speaks Sami), there are two written forms of Norwegian; Bokmål and Nynorsk.
Mostly Norwegian, in several varieties.
There are also a number of small communities of Lapps. Not all of these are in, or even close to, Lapland; to my knowledge some are on the Hardangervidda, and at least two are south of it. These speak the Lap language.

Northern Sami, Lule Sami, Kven and Southern Sami are recognized as regional languages.
Norwegian, two versions: New-Norwegian (Nynorsk), Dano-Norwegian (Bokmål). We also have some minority languages which I think counts, like the language of the Lapps.

People speak various Norwegian dialects in Norway, but there are two main official written languages: Bokmål and Nynorsk. As written languages go, Bokmål is the more widespread and more literarily accomplished of the two (and what you'd normally learn if you were to set about learning Norwegian, especially in the "standard østnorsk" or Standard East Norwegian variety spoken in Oslo and much of the east); it is heavily influenced by Danish because Norway was for a long time under Danish rule, and Danish was the standard written language in Norway from the 16th to the 19th centuries.

Another official language even closer to Danish is Riksmål, but it is not as commonly used. Nynorsk is a revivalist-type written language that is based on the Norwegian of the western coastal and mountain dialects, that are much more conservative and more genuinely Norwegian than Bokmål. However its writers are far fewer than those of Bokmål and it has a much smaller literature, having only become a written language I believe in the 19th century. However as a spoken language, dialects similar to Nynorsk are the most numerous, thus one could say that Nynorsk is the most common spoken form of Norwegian. Another written variety of Nynorsk is Høgnorsk, a more purist variety.

Norwegian, but we have a wide variety of dialects. I live in the south and can't undertand many of the dialects only a few miles from my town.

The sami language has also been granted the status of being an official norwegian language, as there are a small population of Samis living in the far north of Norway. However, these languages are not actually related.

The written language is more interesting. We have (in addition to sami) two written languages; New norwegian and "bokmål"/literary language. New norwegian is based on how the people actually talk, and bokmål is the norwegianized form of the danish written when denmark rules over norway. The odd thing is, that the danish inspired language (bokmål) now is used by 85-90% of the people. Most have turned on the written language closest to their everyday language.

We have two! Both bokmål and nynorsk. Bokmål is the most used written language, so you can say it's the most common. But public people are obligated to answer a letter written in nynorsk with nynorsk, even if they only use bokmål.

It's not a big difference between bokmål and nynorsk, they are not even different languages, more like accent's. Bokmål came to Norway when we were in union with Denmark, and can remind you of danish. Both danish and Norwegians understand each other well, but you can notice the difference. Nynorsk came around about the same time (before this we spoke riksmaal which it's practically the same as danish) but this accent is a mix of most of the accent's in Norway. A man named Ivar Aasen traveled around Norway to collect it, you can probably search him up on Wikipedia, and he is both hated and loved in Norway today by school kids (some of them hate that they haft to learn both the written languages).
Just to mention, none of these are really spoken in Norway. We speak with very different accent's which is quite practical because you can instantly hear from where in Norway that person is from (accent's is called "dialekter" in Norway). But if I haft to choose I would say that "østlandsk" is most similar to bokmål, and "døling" is most similar to nynorsk. But as I mentioned earlier, no one really speaks bokmål and nynorsk.

There are two written languages in Norway, "Bokmål" and "Nynorsk".
They are very similar, but are used in different parts of the country. Bokmål is most commonly used while Nynorsk is, for most people, associated with the west part of the country. These are written languages though, not spoken, and every Norwegian, regardless of which written version they use, speak "norsk" (Norwegian).
Norway also have a lot of different dialects.
the main Dialect is Bokmal
Norwegian. There are two ways of writing Norwegian: Bokmål and Nynorsk.

Because Norway is very long for its population size, many dialects are spoken.

Some Norwegians and others in the North speak Sami.
Norwegian is the main spoken language in Norway. But it takes two main forms, ka Bokmal and Nynorsk. They're both used in business, education, and entertainment. But Bokmal's what about 85-95% of the population uses.
There are two, Nynorsk and Bokmål.
Norsk (I think that's how you spell it) or some people just call it Norweigen.
Norwegian, Sami and so on. There are several cultures and selveral languages, however everyone speak Norwegian.
Norwegian and Sami.
The 1 official language of Norway is Norwegian.

In addition, these languages are locally recognized:

Northern Sami
Lule Sami
Southern Sami

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Yes Yep. yes, very well Norwegian people mainly speak Norwegian, but we learn to speak English in school. Yes. Young people do.

How do you call Norway people language?

I didn't understand the question so well, but I'll try to answer it. Norway's language is called Norwegian. The Norwegian name for Norwegian is "norsk". Norway's citizens are called Norwegians. In Norwegian they're called "nordmenn".

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