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Italian is the official language of Rome, although some Latin is used in the Vatican City within Rome during Roman Catholic liturgy
Rome is the capital of Italy, therefore the official language there is Italian.

Vatican City, one of Rome's neighbourhoods and the place where the Pope lives, is also considered an independent sovereign state. It uses Latin and Italian. German is the language of the Swiss Guard that serves as bodyguard of the Pope.
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What language is spoken in Rome?

Italian is by far the main language of Rome. There are also manypeople there who speak English, French, and other languages for theease of international tourists. In Vatican C

What languages were spoken in ancient Rome?

Latin was the language ancient Rome, but Greek was used bythe upper classes who admired Greek culture. Greek was also thefirst language of the Greek cities in southern Italy

What is the language spoken in rome?

If you mean what is the offical language of modern Rome then it will be Italian. However if you mean what language was spoken in ancient rome then it was Latin.

What language is spoken?

There are many languages spoken throughout the world. Languages  vary throughout the world in different countries and regions of the  world.

Was Latin the language spoken by the masses in Rome?

Yes, most certainly. Latin was the lingua franca of Roman Europe for the duration of the Roman Empire (this only for those countries under Roman rule at any given time), but f
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What language was spoken in Rome 2000 years ago?

There was a large range of languages spoken in Rome, it was the first true multicultural city. Languages would have included Persian (old Arabic), Hebrew, old German (more so