What languages are spoken in the country?

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It depends on what country you are talking about. There are 205 countries that speak more than 6,800 languages.
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What Country has only one main language but about 35 spoken languages?

Answer . It would be difficult to answer. The Russia Federation has over 30 official languages, but the main language is still Russian.\n. \nIndia for instance has well over 400 hundred languages yet has one "main" language, which is Hindi in Devanagari script, however English was (and my still (MORE)

What languages are spoken in eastern European countries?

Indo-European Languages Balto-Slavic Family Vijay John and JonathanSlocum The Balto-Slavic languages are spoken mainly in EasternEurope; they were not attested until late in the first millenniumAD. There are two major groups: Baltic, and Slavic. These two aregenerally agreed to be closely related to (MORE)

In what country is Portuguese the main spoken language?

Portuguese is the main spoken language in the southwestern country of Portugal . It also is the main spoken language in the South American country of Brazil . And it is the main spoken language in the African countries of Angola , Cape Verde Islands , Guinea-Bissau , Mozambique , and Sao Tome (MORE)

What language is spoken?

There are many languages spoken throughout the world. Languagesvary throughout the world in different countries and regions of theworld.

What are the names of some indigenous languages spoken in the Americas In which countries are they spoken?

Just a very few of the thousands of native American languages in North, Central and South America are: Cholan (Guatemala, San Salvador, Honduras) Yucatec (Mexico, Belize) Nheengatu (Brazil) Tucano (Brazil) Kaingang (Brazil) Bororo (Brazil) Aymara (Peru) Quechua (Peru) As (MORE)

Is Spanish the only language spoken in Spanish speaking countries?

No, it's not. I don't know much about South American countries, but in Spain they speak mostly Castilian (castellano) Spanish; however, there are some regions where they speak a different language. For exmaple, in Cataluña (where Barcelona is) you can hear Catalán. Or in the Basque Country the (MORE)

In which South American country is Portuguese spoken and why is it the natural language of that country?

Portuguese is the official language of Brazil , which is South America's largest country. Of all the countries of South America, it's most logical that Portuguese should be spoken in Brazil, and that it should have the status of the official language, because Brazil is a former Portuguese colony. (MORE)

What languages are spoken in the country of Georgia?

Georgian Georgian, which even has its own alphabet. With a population of about 4.26 million, approximately 3.9 m ofthem speak Georgian, which is the official language of the country. Other principle language groups within Georgia include: . Russian 9% . Armenian 7% . Azeri 6% Of course, if som (MORE)

What language is spoken most in south American countries?

Considering countries, the spanish language. Considering the whole population of south america, the Portuguese language is mostly spoken, since Brazil alone has 205 million inhabitants and the spanish speaking countries have 170 million inhabitants. Argentina 40 mi Bolivia 10 mi Colombia 4 (MORE)

What countries have french spoken as the main language?

French is the official language of 29 countries. Below I have listed their names. Democratic Republic of the Congo France Canada Madagascar Cameroon Cote d'Ivoire Burkina Faso Niger Senegal Mali Rwanda Belgium Guinea Chad Haiti Burundi Benin Switzerland Togo (MORE)

In which country maximum number of languages spoken?

I believe it's in America, because it's a place discovered by many different nations. America is a place where different races meet. When it was firstdiscovered, the Native Americans were there, also the Spanish, French, and the British all have claimed that they found the 'New World' first. So, eve (MORE)

What languages are spoken in your country?

It depends on what country you are talking about. If you are talking about the United states, there are more than a thousand languages spoken, but the most common is English.

What languages are spoken in the Benelux Countries?

Holland: Dutch. They also talk Frisian in the province Friesland. In the west they sometimes talk a dialect of Low Saxon. Belgium: Dutch, French and a bit German. Also dialects like Flemish, Walloon and Limburgish. Luxembourg: Luxembourgish, French and German. They all talk English very well.

Are different languages spoken in different regions or does each country have its own unique language?

Languages aren't divided up by country, they appear in different areas of the world. That's how South America has a total of two major languages (Spanish and Portuguese, although English, French, Dutch, and quite a few Amerindian languages are spoken), and Africa has over over 200 indigenous langu (MORE)

Could you tell which country has highest number of languages spoken?

I will point the European Union (the matter of fact a confederation of countries but with common political bodies like parliament and government), with 23 OFFICIAL languages and an uncountable number of spoken languages and dialects. India has 23 officially recognized languages, with over 1,600 (MORE)

How many countries is spanish spoken as the first language?

Here is a list of all 23 countries with significant spanish-speaking populations. Many of these countries do not recognize Spanish as an official language (see below): 1. Argentina 2. Bolivia 3. Chile 4. Colombia 5. Costa Rica 6. Cuba 7. Dominican Republic 8. Ecuador 9. El Salvado (MORE)

In how many countries is spoken the Romanian language?

The Romanian language is an official language in Romania and Moldova. But Romanians exists in many other countries: Ukraine, Russia, Kazachstan, Bulgaria, Hungary, Serbia, Macedonia, Italy, Austria, France, Germany, Spain, United States, Canada, Australia, Israel, etc. .

What languages are spoken in Basque Country?

Spanish and Basque are spoken in the Vascongada. They speak Spanish as their first language, and Basque as their second language. Basque and Spanish are the spoken languages of the Basque provinces in Spain. Specifically, Basque is spoken infour provinces of northern Spain. The provinces of Ara (MORE)

What is the least spoken main language of a country?

Pitkern, which is the main language of the Pitcairn Islands. (English is the Official language, but most of the population speaks Pitkern as their first language). The total population as of 2011 is 47 people.

What languages are spoken in the country of Europe?

First off, Europe is a continent and not a country. There are 51 countries in Europe and the nearly every country has their own language. Some of the most spoken languages include: . Russian . German . French . English . Italian . Spanish . Ukrainian . Polish . Romanian . Dutch . Greek (MORE)

What are the 3 countries where french is spoken as official language?

There are 29 countries where French is spoken as an Official language: Democratic Republic of the Congo France Canada Madagascar Cameroon Côte d'Ivoire Burkina Faso Niger Senegal Mali Rwanda Belgium Guinea Chad Haiti Burundi Benin Switzerland Togo Central African Republic Re (MORE)

What country does the word koala come from and what language is spoken there?

While the word "koala" comes from Australia, where English isspoken, the word itself is derived from one of the aboriginaldialects. With the first recorded sighting of a koala by Europeans came thereport that the local indigenous people called it a "cullawine".Another report from e colonial years sa (MORE)

In what country is the Catalan language spoken?

Catalan is one of the Romance Languages, meaning it derived from Vulgar Latin. The etymology behind this word is the origin of its use, which is the northeastern part of Spain and parts of France in a region called Catalonia.