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What languages do they speak in Miami Florida?

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English is the official language, but spanish has a important influence there, Florida was discovered by spain. But there are a lot of latins in miami. Also they speak some french, the are a lot of inmigrants from haiti--> french
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What language do people speak in Florida?

English    There are a lot of Spanish speakers in Florida as well, and most places you go a Spanish speaker could probably find someone who could help them in Spanish.

What language did the florida apalachee indians speak?

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How far is Tampa Florida from Miami Florida?

About forty-five minutes by aeroplane, and four and a half hours by car, taking the delightful Tamiami trail A.K.A. Alligator alley. Some advice if you're driving: Drive fast

In Florida what language do people speak?

People in Florida mostly speak English--since Florida is a part of the US--and some Spanish, since there is a heavy Cuban population. Those are the main two languages spoken t

How far is it from Miami Florida to Sunrise Florida?

There are two towns in Florida named Sunrise and the closest one to Miami is west of Fort Lauderdale and about 33 miles from Miami. The second Sunrise is on the Gulf Coast nea

Is Florida in Miami?

No, the city of Miami is in the state of Florida within the United States. You had it backwards.

What language did the Miami indians speak?

The Miami language was part of the Algonquian language family and very closely related to Illinois, Peoria, Wea and Piankashaw. The language became extinct, although it had

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