What lasting impact of World War 1 weakened the economy of Europe leading to the Great Depression?

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European countries had to spend money supporting refugees fleeing the fighting.
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How did the Great Depression impact on the economy?

Great Depression From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia This article is about the severe worldwide economic downturn in the 1930s. For other uses, see The Great Depression (dis

World war 1 and the great depression lead to world war 2?

Yes and no. Germany felt humilated after their defeat in WW1. The formation of the League of Nations and the restrictions placed on the German people created even more hard fe

Why did the Great Depression in the US have such an impact on the economies of the rest of the world?

Now this is a guess, but i think its because the United States is such a big country. If you think about it, back then and even now we have a lot of ties with other countries.

What impact did world war 1 have on Europes economy?

IT put the treaty of versiua (not correct spelling) which mention that Germany could only have so many army and basically controlled them improving the economy until Hitler th

Impact of World War 1 on Europe?

i dont know i have a teat tomorrow can you please tell me the right answer. the question is how did world war one impact europe?