What layer of the atmosphere does a shooting star appear in?

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When do shooting stars appear?

whenever a meteor enters Earth's atmosphere. Meteor showers are good times to see them, otherwise their almost impossible to predict.

How often does a shooting star appear?

If you go outside on any clear night, in a place that's far enough from city lights so that when you look up and see the number of stars you say to yourself "Wow!", and ge

Where do shooting stars appear a lot?

There isn't any particular location where meteors appear more than any other location. If you are looking for a good spot to go meteor hunting, you should find a flat area wit

What layer of atmosphere has stars?

the stars are all in our galaxy and maybe beyond. they are not in our atmosphere and they are HUGE HUGE HUGE some r even bigger than the sun.

What time does a shooting star appear?

No one can give you a specific time. Shooting stars or meteors, are bits of debris that hit the atmosphere and burn. Timing is impossible, however, there are meteor showers wh
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Where is a shooting star in the atmosphere?

A shooting star is nothing but a meteorite(pieces of meteors). When they enter the atmosphere, the fiction causes them to burn and till they reach the earth's surface they are