What legal things can happen to an underage father if the mother is also underage?

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well the parents of the girl can file charges against the boyfriend or the state could go ahead and persue. my nephew is in this situation he is 19 and got a 15 year old pregnant. they are not pressing charges thank goodness!! but from what i know the state could take over if she is under 16 so please be careful. Answer It depends on the laws of the state where you live. Do not assume that just because he's underage as well, that he can't be charged with a crime. Again, the depends on the laws of the state where you live. Answer In Texas, if you try to file charges against two minors, they'll just throw it out of court. Not sure about other places.
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What are your rights as an underage mother?

Answer . \nin the case of the baby you have all the rights an adult mother would have, unless social services has become involved for some reason, as for yourself you need to be more specific.

What are the custodial rights of an underage mother in Kentucky?

\n. \n. \n. \n. \n More Opinions \n. \nUnmarried minor females are presumed by law to have the same rights to their unborn or born child as would an adult woman.\n. \nThe minor cannot be forced to place her child for adoption or sign over her parental rights and retains sole custodial righ (MORE)

What recourse does a mature mother have for collecting child support from an underage father who is still in school?

Very little until the minor reaches the age of majority and becomes gainfully employed.. Before a child support suit against an alledged father is taken into consideration by the court the child's paternity must be established.. In such a case, the mother may wish to consult with legal advisor to (MORE)

Can an Underage mother whod wants to put baby up for adoption prevent the underaged father from adopting?

I Know Of Something Similar To This Happening About A Year And A Half Ago.. The Father Wanted The Baby And The Mother Did Not, However, They Were Not Underage.. But Wether You Are Underage Or Not Doesn't Make The Difference, In Some States If You Have A Child Than You Are Automatically Considered (MORE)

What are the legal consequences of underage drinking?

It obviously depends on local legislation. Penalties: The legal consequences of underage drinking (in the US) Offense Punishment Possession by minor Purchase by minor Attempt to purchase Misrepresentation of age Consumption by minor Public intoxication by minor First offense: (MORE)

Where is underage marriage legal?

From the sites I've researched on you can't get married without parental concent until you are of 18 or 19 years of age. With parent consent you can be 16 in Alabama, Mississippi, Tennesee, Florida, and maybe Texas.If you are pregnant you can get married in Georgia without parental consent.

What are the custodial rights of underage mothers in Mississippi?

Young mother of 15 chooses to live with her mother in New York, The mother is now in High School with very stable life and all the support for her baby from Mom Little brother and Step-Father. She is living in a house with her own room and her and her babys needs are all met. The Missssippi court sa (MORE)

Parent's legal responsiblity for grandchild born to underage mother?

In the case of underage parents a legal guardian must be appointed. Very often the grandparents will be considered and appointed if the court finds that to be in the best interest of the child. \n. \nGrandparents are not held legally responsible for their grandchildren.

Is grandparent legally responsible for grandchild born to underage mother?

simple question........hmmmmmmmm lawyers ......always have to have you to get paid I guess......maybe we could trust them if they gave an answer and then let them contact. simple question........hmmmmmmmm lawyers ......always have to have you to get paid I guess......maybe we could trust them if th (MORE)

What happens to your baby when you are underage?

As long as you get good medical care and take care of yourself with proper nutrition then there is no reason you can't have a healthy, happy baby with no bad health problems for baby or mom.

What can happen if you harbor an underage murderer?

You have not given us enough information to answer this question.\n. \nIf someone helps another commit a crime by helping him escape or hide from the authorities after the crime, he can be charged along with the person who did the crime. In a typical situation, this would mean that two criminals p (MORE)

What shall you do if your underage son became a father to an underage girlfriend?

This is a hard question to answer, but given the same situation, I believe that I would support him and her. He is, after all, your son - you love him. It may not be an ideal situation, but it's what you've got. Encourage him to make sensible decisions, but do not try to change his mind about things (MORE)

What happens if an underage male gets an underaged female pregnant?

The differences in results are in direct relation to who does what and when. If anyone reports the matters to DHS (Department of Human Services) or CPS (Child Protective Services), and they choose to get involved, charges may be brought against the underage father or mother or both for Sex Wi (MORE)

What happens when you get an underage?

It depends on your state, and how many underages you get. In my state, Wisconsin, the first underage results in a $300 ticket, and if you are under 18-your parents get called and you get taken to jail. If you are over the age of 18, and you were at a party and weren't driving- you'll get the ticket, (MORE)

What happens if you are caught gambling underage?

Depending on prior experiences with the law- at worst it would be classed as Juvenile Delinquency. It is not a triable offense that might result in Jail Time or a sojourn in the Youth House- still, it is wrong. parents might be in Hot water also even though they did perform the gambling act ( a simi (MORE)

What happens if you drink underage?

In most countries its illegal so you could wind yourself up with a fine, jail, a bad record and almost certainly your parents will be told by the Police ifs caught.. Health wise its not good for undeveloped organs to be under the strain of alcohol. In some countries you can drink when you're 16 ye (MORE)

What are the Custodial rights of underage mothers in Wisconsin?

This is an interpretive area, usually without a clear direction of the law. The legislatures have not sufficiently addressed the issues of underage pregnancy, other than to abolish the requirement of being sent to a home for unwed mothers. Which still exist.

What are the rights of an underage mother?

You have full parental rights regarding your child and also full custody (if unmarried) until the father has established paternity and applied for visitation or custody in court. You also have the right to make medical decisions regarding yourself. Apart from that you are still a minor and have to d (MORE)

Can a underage mother give custody to the father?

Custody is determined by a judge. If the father is not underage, he may be more likely to be granted custody because he has a more likely ability to provide for the child (however underage or not- if he hasn't already been convicted of statutory rape, he may be at this time). An underage mother may (MORE)

What are the rights of mother to an underage son?

United States A mother has full parental rights regarding her children unless her rights have been terminated by a court order. An unmarried mother has sole custody until the father's paternity is established in court and the court has issued a custody and visitation order. United States A mothe (MORE)

What happens if you drink alcohol underage?

If there's a legal age in the country you live in, the person that provided the alcohol can get charged if they get caught. If you were the one that chose to drink it, then they might still charge the person that left the beer lying around at your reach. Some families in drink socially or religious (MORE)

What can a underaged father do to see his child?

In order to petition for custody or visitation right by the court you have to establish paternity by a DNA test. Then you can obtain a visitation schedule and also start paying child support.

Can you get custody of your child if the mother is underage and you are not?

No. A court would not remove a child from its mother's custody for that single reason. The court would not punish a mother for being underage by removing her child from her custody and reward the man who caused the pregnancy by having sexual relations with a minor. In fact, perhaps you could be pros (MORE)

What would happen to the father who signs the birth certificate and is over age when the mother is underage?

You should consult with an attorney in your jurisdiction. However, you should be aware that the court can order a paternity test to establish your paternity since you should be supporting the child. The mother can request an order at any time. You should consult with an attorney in your jurisdictio (MORE)

Does underage marriage happen in Islam?

Yes. Underage marriage usually comes out of local culturaltraditions that predominate in Africa and the Indian Subcontinent.Hindus also engage in underage marriage and Jews and Christians inthe Islamic World used to do this as well. Unfortunately, sinceMuhammad married Aïsha at such a young age, (MORE)