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What legal things can happen to an underage father if the mother is also underage?

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well the parents of the girl can file charges against the boyfriend or the state could go ahead and persue. my nephew is in this situation he is 19 and got a 15 year old pregnant. they are not pressing charges thank goodness!! but from what i know the state could take over if she is under 16 so please be careful. Answer It depends on the laws of the state where you live. Do not assume that just because he's underage as well, that he can't be charged with a crime. Again, the depends on the laws of the state where you live. Answer In Texas, if you try to file charges against two minors, they'll just throw it out of court. Not sure about other places.
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What are the fathers rights if the underage mother lied about her age?

  Well pretty much the only thing you can do, prepare your will, and statement to the court, because no matter what whether she said it or not,well th court doesnt care be

Can an Underage mother whod wants to put baby up for adoption prevent the underaged father from adopting?

I Know Of Something Similar To This Happening About A Year And A Half Ago.   The Father Wanted The Baby And The Mother Did Not, However, They Were Not Underage.   But We

Is grandparent legally responsible for grandchild born to underage mother?

simple question........hmmmmmmmm lawyers ......always have to have you to get paid I guess......maybe we could trust them if they gave an answer and then let them contact  

What shall you do if your underage son became a father to an underage girlfriend?

  This is a hard question to answer, but given the same situation, I believe that I would support him and her. He is, after all, your son - you love him. It may not be an

What happens when you get an underage?

  It depends on your state, and how many underages you get. In my state, Wisconsin, the first underage results in a $300 ticket, and if you are under 18-your parents get c
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Does a new wife have the right to tell her husbands child's mother that they cannot call there house anymore when the child is still underage and the father has partial legal custody?

This would not be treated as a legal right unless the problem involves the mother having the child call so that she can than take the phone to harass. Beyond that, there shoul
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Can a underage mother give custody to the father?

Custody is determined by a judge. If the father is not underage, he may be more likely to be granted custody because he has a more likely ability to provide for the child (how
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What would happen to the father who signs the birth certificate and is over age when the mother is underage?

You should consult with an attorney in your jurisdiction. However, you should be aware that the court can order a paternity test to establish your paternity since you should b