What lenses are compatible with a Canon Rebel 35mm film cameras?

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All EF series lenses will work with the film Rebel or any other EOS film body.

EF-S lenses are not compatible with film cameras or full-frame digitals.
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Will Canon 35mm camera lenses fit a new Canon SLR digital camera?

Lenses From 35 mm Fitting Canon SLR . Absolutely! The only trouble I have had is with a 2X converter and a 400mm lens. It would not auto focus or stop down. I still got an OK photo of the moon. I migrated ALL my lenses successfully. I think film lenses work on digital. Digital do not work on film (MORE)

Can Canon SLR lenses be used with a digital Canon Camera?

Canon EF lenses that fit Canon EOS cameras will fit all Canon digital SLR bodies. Canon FD lenses that fit Canon SLR's made before 1987 will not fit any EOS or digital EOS camera body. It depends on which DSLR you have as to which lenses can be used.

Is a Canon Rebel lens compatible with any Canon digital cameras?

The Canon Rebel film bodies use the EF mount lenses. All modern Canon EOS cameras, including all digital EOS cameras will also accept EF mount lense. The EF and EF-S lenses are compatible with the Rebel series. However, the lenses that typically come with a Rebel (EF-S) are compatible only with Ca (MORE)

Will your Canon T70 35mm film camera lenses fit on any of the digital Canon SLR cameras?

I don't think they will fit any. The lens mount was changed right after the Canon T70. Someone told me they will fit a Nikon so I'm trying to find that out. (They don't fit Nikon cameras.). Canon T70 lenses only fit Canon SLR's (single lens reflex) made between 1964 to 1987.. The T70 uses Canon FD (MORE)

Is the Canon Rebel XSi or the Canon Rebel XTi a better camera?

Better Between Canon Rebel XSi and Rebel STi . Canon Rebel XSi - for sure. It is newer than Canon Rebel XTi and has 12 MP while XTi has 10 MP. . Plus the XSi has live view, like a point and shoot camera you can use the LCD to take pictures. . ===. I personally like the Canon 50D more than xsi (MORE)

Can you share canon lenses with all canon cameras?

The short answer is "Depends". The long answer is: From 1971 to 1987, Canon SLR bodies and lenses used the Canon FD mount.. In 1987, Canon introuduced the EOS SLR system. All EOS cameras use Canon EF (auto focus) lenses. They can also use independently made lenses with EOS type camera mounts.. Ca (MORE)

What digital camera would use the same lenses as a canon rebel?

All Canon Rebels can use either Canon EF (or compatible) or Canon EF-S lenses.. EF lenses can be used on any Canon EOS camera.. EF-S lenses, introduced in 2003, are made specifically for Canon EOS cameras with APS-C size (22.2 x 14.8mm) sensor. They can be used only on Canon Rebel cameras and on t (MORE)

Will canon 480 eg flash for a 35mm camera work on the digital rebel xti?

Yes, but with some limitations. The Canon 480EG was designed as a TTL flash (through the lens metering) but also has an External Auto metering Mode. It can be used with any camera that has a PC sync connection. Don't use the "Shoe Cord E" that comes with the flash unless you are using a Film Cam (MORE)

Can you use your old Canon 35mm A-1 lenses on a Canon digital SLR camera?

Yes, you can use film Canon lenses on a DSLR Canon. However, if you lenses are really old (made before 1987), they might not fit. But I'd try them anyway. My father had an old Canon 35MM and I was able to use his lenses just fine on my new Canon DSLR. Here's a good rule of thumb to remember: You (MORE)

Does 35mm canon rebel lenses fit on canon digital camera?

The short answer is "Yes.". The long answer is: The 35mm Canon Rebel is a Canon EOS camera. All EOS cameras, including the 35mm Rebel, use Canon EF (auto focus) lenses. They can also use independently made lenses with EOS type camera mounts.. All Canon DSLR (digital single lens reflex) cameras can (MORE)

Will canon 35mm camera lenses fit any other canera?

No other major camera manufacturer currently makes a camera body that will accept Canon lenses.. (From 1930 to 1960, Leica rangefinder cameras took screw-in lenses. During that time, several other camera manufacturers, including Canon, made rangefinders with the same screw mount, so all of their le (MORE)

Are canon t70 and canon eos rebel xsi lense compatible?

The short answer is: "No". The long answer is: The T70 uses Canon FD mount lenses. FD lenses can only be focused manually. All of the exposure communication connections between the camera and lens are mechanical. An EF lens will not fit onto an FD body.. In 1987, Canon introduced EOS cameras that (MORE)

Will lenses from your Canon 1000 EOS film camera work on any Canon EOS digital?

The short answer is "Yes.". The long answer is: All Canon EOS cameras use Canon EF (electro-focus) lenses. They can also use independently made lenses with EF type camera mounts.. All Canon DSLR (digital single lens reflex) cameras can use all Canon EF (or independent manufacturer equivalent) lens (MORE)

Which lenses should you choose for your first 35mm SLR camera?

35 or 50 mm in a fixed lens, or a 35-70 (approx) zoom. Buy the best lens you can afford, and learn to use it well before moving onward. It is better to become proficient with one lens than confused by several. . Remember that quality photography is not produced by the camera, but by the photograph (MORE)

Which are Canon eos film cameras?

The only film camera currently manufactured in the EOS line is the EOS-1v, a professional-grade 35mm camera body that sells in the $1000 range. It is compatible with the full line of EOS lenses and flash units.

Will Pentax 35mm camera lenses fit a new Pentax digital SLR camera?

Yes they will. Of course screw mount lenses need an adaptor. M lenses will of course be manual focus. Some lenses will only work on aperture priority I think. Yes, all K-mount lenses will fit the current Pentax digital SLRs. K- and M- lenses will be manual focus and need the metering to be set dif (MORE)

Which Canon digital camera body should you buy in order to use old lenses from a Digital Rebel XTI?

Any Canon camera with the EF-S lens system will work. That includes but isn't limited to all of the rebels (XT, XtI, XS, XSI, and the new T1I). The only cameras that WON'T work with your Rebel XTI lenses are Canon 1Ds, Canon 1Ds Mark II, Canon 1Ds Mark III, Canon 5d, Canon 5D Mark II. Another oth (MORE)

Will Canon Film Lenses Work On digital cameras?

All EF series lenses will work on any Canon EOS series SLR, digital or film. EF-S series lenses will NOT work on film SLRS or Full-Frame digital bodies (5D and 1 series). They only work on 10D-60D, 7D, and Digital Rebels with a cropped (APS-C) sensor. FD series lens are not compatible with EO (MORE)

Does 35mm canon rebel lenses fit on canon digital?

All of canon's EF-mount lenses will fit on all camera bodies in the Canon EOS system. Simply, if the lens says "EF" on it, then it will fit any Canon camera that says "EOS" on it.. If it says EF-S on it, it won't fit on a EOS film body or a full-frame digital. EF-S lenses only work on EOS digital S (MORE)

Which Canon SLR 35mm film camera was made before the EOS-1v?

The EOS-1V is Canon's top of the line professional film camera. It is the third version in the EOS-1 line. The original EOS-1 was introduced in 1989 The EOS-1N was introduced in 1994 The EOS-1V was introduced in 2001 The EOS line of cameras was designed to support the EF line of lenses, wh (MORE)

Will lenses from 35MM camera work on newer DSLR cameras?

It depends on the brand of camera and the type of lens.. Most Nikon film SLR lenses will work (in manual mode) on their digital SLR cameras.. Many Canon lenses will work on new Canon SLR cameras, but you have to check compatability between the camera model and the type of lens.. Sony purhcased th (MORE)

What are Canon EOS Rebel XS 35MM camera's worth?

I have one on Ebay at the moment and after 6 days its still only at 99c They are not worth very much like all 35mm cameras now. Im guessing you would get approx $10 to $20AU for the camera body & maybe about $50AU with a lens.

Will Pentax 35MM camera lenses fit any other camera?

Pentax screwmount lenses (M42) will fit differently branded cameras with the same mount. It will easily fit other camera mounts including digital bodies using a cheap adapter. Just make sure you use the correct version of the adapter that focuses correctly to infinity. With Pentax K-mount lenses, (MORE)

How do you get film out of a 35mm camera?

To get the film out, if its not already done you will have to wind the film in. Under the camera there should be a small button, press that in. Now, at the top of the camera (usually on the left) there should be a winder to reel the film back in, as i said if the film is still stretched across the c (MORE)

What lense will fit a canon t70 camera?

The Canon T70 camera uses Canon FD lenses. These are manual-focus lenses, but have auto exposure when used with the T70. Most FD lenses made by Canon are very high quality. They can almost always be found at modest prices through a well-known internet personal marketplace website.

What macro lens is compatible with a Canon Rebel?

Canon offers a large variety of special zoom lenses. Check out their website for specific lenses for your camera body type. Canon offers a variety of macro lenses for fitting to EOS compatible bodies. you can check further at http://www.clickmacrophoto.com/lenses/canon-100mm-f2-8-macro-lens/

Lenses from a 35mm canon camera fit on a canon eos digital camera?

Yes, with the right mount adapter. Canon EF lenses were introduced in 1987 for Canon's new EOS auto-focus cameras. All EF lenses fit all EOS film and digital cameras. Some Canon DSLR cameras, such as the digital Rebels, have an APS-size (smaller) sensor. These cameras can use EF lenses with full a (MORE)

Canon A-1 lenses will fit which canon cameras?

The Canon A-1 used FD mount manual-focus lenses. The earlier FL Canon lenses are also usable on the Canon A-1, but metering is a bit more cumbersome. The current Canon EF mount was introduced in 1987 for auto-focus lenses. There is no compatibility between FD and EF lens mounts. The Canons with (MORE)

What lenses are compatible with canon cameras?

There are too many lenses to list that are compatible with Canon cameras as it is one of the most popular cameras on the market. Give amazon a quick search as well as Google and you will find more than enough to keep you well stocked.

How much are the canon rebel cameras?

Canon EOS Rebel T1i -- around $750 Canon EOS Rebel T2i -- around $850 Canon EOS Rebel T3i (newest model) -- around $1,000 Check amazon.com for latest prices. They fluctuate a bit so you should wait for a good deal.

Which type of Canon camera lenses are available?

The types of Canon camera lenses available are: Canon EF 35mm f/1.4L USM, Sigma 35mm f/1.4 DG HSM (A series), Canon EF 8-15mm USM Fisheye and Sigma 4.5mm f/2.8 EX DC HSM Circular Fisheye (prime).

What kind of lenses do Canon cameras need?

There are many different lenses for cameras; Wide angle lenses, standard lenses, portrait lenses, telephoto lenses and more. Canon has its own brand of lenses but also Sigma y Tamron are offering compatible lenses for it, it just depends on the price and the quality you are looking for

What is a lightweight version of Canon camera lenses?

For serious photographers, obtaining advanced lenses is an important investment, and while traditional lenses may be most appropriate for typical needs, lightweight travel lenses are becoming popular choice alternatives. For the traveling photographer, Canon offers its E-series lenses which are adv (MORE)

Where can one purchase Canon Rebel lenses?

A person looking to purchase Cannon Rebel Lenses from the Best Buy website. They have a variety of Canon lenses and lens kits. They even do price matching which means if you the see the same lens somewhere else, they will give it to you for the lower price.

Where can one find Canon camera lenses?

The first place one could visit to find Canon camera lenses are camera specialty stores such as Black's. One could also visit their local Best Buy or Future Shop and find the camera section of the store.