What made Hitler a good leader?

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Hitler was a good leader in the sense that he brought Germany back from the grave. "He also ensured that even in the last days of the war not a single German went hungry. Despite near-constant warfare, never once during his 12 years in power did Hitler raise taxes for working class people" Hitler gave the people what they wanted, a country that was whole again.Yes he did commit genocide but he also killed far less than Stalin did.Whether he was a good leader or not depends on you opinion, but he is usually considered good for his ability to drastically improve the living standards in Germany, strengthen the national defense, and encourage unity among the people. And even more important he was considered a good leader because he was able to convince whoever he wanted.
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Was Hitler a good leader?

Hitler was a great leader because of he lead his people out of depression and, even made Germany and other countries around it thrive such as: Italy, Austria, and Poland. I on

Why was Hitler a good leader?

Hitler was a good leader because he had great confidence in his speeches and had pride in the decisions he was making. Even though he wasn't the most nicest man he still loved

How Was Hitler A Good Leader?

ok Hitler was a good leader he wasent the most liked leader bt he was good. he lead his contry into many won battels.

What made Adolf Hitler a good leader?

Although Adolf Hitler is not known for doing the greatest things he was still a very good leader for what he accomplished. I'm not saying killing all those Jews was a good thi

What made Gandhi a good leader?

Gandhi was a good leader because he was able to encourage manyIndians to carry out peaceful methods of protesting. He gained aviral following as a result of that.

Is Hitler a good leader?

No he killed 6 million Jews. Hitler was no leader. he was a murderer ruthless. evil, Satan incarnate, Germans hate him more than UK. best thing Hitler ever did was Die,

What made Adolf Hitler a great leader?

His charisma, also, he gave great speeches to masses. Dedication, self-esteem, and a lot of balls (although he had only one).

What made adolf Hitler an effective leader?

He knew what he wanted and made sure nothing was in his way to get towars that goal, also his popularity encouraged people to follow him as a leader. Sorry its not much a

What made Powhatan a good leader?

This is what made Powhatan a good leader. Chief Powhatan is the father of Pocahontas. He was born around 1547. People respected him because he had many children. He made peace

What made Gorbachev a good leader?

He got rid of Stalin's labour camps/gulags, got rid of the NKVD, got rid of Stalin's labour camps/gulags, allowed the first religious broadcast on television in the 80's and b

What is a good leader made up of?

a good leader is made up of a responsible and mature person. it is someone who you can always rely on and someone everyone else looks up to. it is someone who is always there

What made Hitler a powerful leader?

He thought he could control anybody and people were scared of him so they would do anything he said. Just joking why do you won't to know. do you know any cute Guy's.Ii love J

Was Adolf Hitler a good leader to his people?

No because he was the person who came up with the idea of "The final plan". Which was the total extermination of the Jewish religion. Hitler was not at all a good person. ___

What made hadrian a good leader?

Hadrian pursued a policy of peace. He gave up the conquests of Trajan, his predecessor, in Armenia and Mesopotamia (Iraq) had conquered from Persia as part of peace negotiati