What made thelonious monk famous?

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Thelonious Monk is famous for his jazz stylings which frequently bent the rules of music. Monks jazz is famous for its rebellious use of broken chords and skewed scales. Monk had the uncanny ability to "play the wrong notes right" and mixed it with backbeats that gracefully stumbled into brilliant surprises around every bend.
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How did thelonious monk die?

Thelonious Monk died from complications due to a stroke. He passedaway on February 17th, 1982 in his home state of New Jersey.

How old is Thelonious Monk?

Thelonious Monk was born on October 10, 1917 and died on February 17, 1982. Thelonious Monk would have been 64 years old at the time of death or 97 years old today.

What were some of thelonious monks accomplishments?

they were licking his butt, eatting is human species, and being a weirdo that no one likes. #teehee, this is the real answer so if the question what are his accomplishme

When was Thelonious Sphere Monk born?

Thelonious Sphere Monk was a widely renowned American pianist and composer. He was born in Rocky Mount, North Carolina on October 10, 1917 and died at the age of 64.