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What main languages do British people speak?

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English, Welsh, Cornish, and the Scottish and Irish forms of Gaellic.
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What is the language the people in France speak?

Quelle langue est parlée en France? Les Français parlent le français en France. Do you speak French? Non, je ne parle pas français. The only official language of Franc

What language do people in Colombia speak?

People in Colombia are called Colombians. They speak Spanish.

What language do people in Belize speak?

Belize was once a British colony hence English is the official  language. Although almost everyone can speak English, the majority  choose to speak mostly Kriol, which is an

What language do people in Taiwan speak?

People in Taiwan usually speak Standard Mandarin, although a goodly number also speak Taiwanese (a variant of Min Nan), some speak Hakka, and some members of older generations

Do british people speak English?

Yes, although it's considered a different dialect than the English spoken in the States. It's usually referred to as "The Queen's English" Honestly i find this question incre

What language the people from Kush speak?

The Kushites spoke and wrote in the language called Meroitic, but nobody knows what the words and symbols mean due to lack of information.

What language do the Khoikhoi people speak?

The Khoikhoi people speak Khoi, one of Khoisan languages--the Khoisan languages are the click languages--spoken in Southern Africa.

What language do people speak in Tonga?

  They speak Tongan in Tonga. Though the large majority (especially the younger generations) are fluent in English as they're taught English at school

What main language do the Buddhists speak?

They don't have a 'main' language they speak many different ones. Buddhists live in almost every country in the world, and they speak the language of their countries. China,