What make up should use when wearing brown dress with brown eyes?

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foundation if needed, a dark brown or black mascara, and maybe some brown light eyeshadow, no eyeliner.
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If you have dark brown hair and gray-green eyes and if you are wearing a bright red dress what are some good eye makeup shades?

In my personal opinion the best eye color shades would be dark browns and cream colors. Brush a charcoal color over the lid and place a small amount under the eye. Then brush a cream color beneath the brow and blend it in to the charcoal color Then apply eyeliner and mascara. . Definitely cremes a (MORE)

What eye shadow should you use if you have brown eyes and brown hair?

If its just going out wear a darkish brown eyeshadow and if you're going to a party or something wear a smokey gold color. If you're going to the beach wear a blue green color. Pinks that shimmer are great for a soft look with black liquid eyeliner added for an evening look.

V-neck brown Espresso-colored dress What color jewelry should you wear?

Answer . A lot of the answer would depend on the style of dress...for a casual dress, try chunky wooden beads or even natural shell or nut jewelry. Irregularly shaped turquoise chunks strung on jute twine would also be great. If it is a dressy dress or you just want to dress it up, then try gold (MORE)

What kind of makeup should you wear to a formal with hazel eyes brown hair and a navy blue dress?

I would recommend very light purples. Very light and carefully mix it with a blue and shade lighter then your skin tone. Do the light purple on your lids to complamint your eyes, the light blue on your eye crease to complamint your dress and the color close to your skin tone by you brow to make your (MORE)

What color shoes should you wear with an espresso brown dress?

If you cannot find the exact or close to color, I would look for a contrasting color. Also, if there are different colors in the dress, you could look for one of those colors as well. I would wear the exact same color or a nude color would go nice as well.

If you have a light blue dress and brown eyes which makeup should you use?

various shades of grey might be nice i have the same problem, brown eyes kinda limit my choice of make up colours :( Brown eyes are very pretty and go with a variety of shades. I have brown eyes too. I'd use a brownish gray color eyeshadow with an eyeshadow brush than line the eyes half way with (MORE)

I have brown curly hair bluegreen eyes what colour dress should I wear to my prom?

You could wear something that maches with your eyes, or if all else fails go for simple and sexy in black. Try somthing like this, for a little edge, to really stand out. Black will bring out the colour in your eyes: http://www.stylefinder.com/items/default.aspx?id=105250 Zara makes some nice thing (MORE)

What make up should a blonde and brown hair blue eyes and pale skin wear?

What make-up should a blonde and brown hair, blue eyes and pale skin wear? Eye shadow - Use a suttle colour eye shadow such as cream, light green, light blue. Eye liner - Blue eyes go well with brown eye liner. Mascara - You should wear black mascara. Blush - If you are wearing blush try (MORE)

What colour eyeshadow should you wear with a red dress you have green eyes and brown hair?

Never match your makeup to your clothes!!! Use colours that complement your eyes. Green's complementary colour is red, but you shouldn't wear red eyeshadow. You should wear gold that is a little bit coppery, because it has some red to it, or a red toned purple. Purple is a surprisingly easy colour t (MORE)

How do you make brown eyes pop?

I just put on black eyeliner, black mascara and sometimes black or dark blue eyeshadow. A bit goth i know but brown eyes suit almost any eye shadow colour, so experiment! But black makes any eye colour stand out. Hope i helped!

What colour make-up goes well with brown hair and brown eyes?

Brown eyes are so much fun because you can where almost any colour makeup you want! Mascara - you can easily wear black mascara, but coloured mascara can be fun too. try colours like purple and blue. eye shadow - since you can wear almost any colour, you can have fun matching your makeup to your c (MORE)

What color make up should you wear when wearing brown?

In a guys opinion wear somthing slimming and black insted of brown. Then you should wear dark makeup. Not to much though. E- no offense to the guy who gave an answer but that doesnt answer the question if you are wearing brown you can wear pink tones in your make-up and pink eye shadows pink an (MORE)

When should you wear black eye make up?

Black shadow is very dramatic, so reserve it for nighttime. I wouldn't use it on the lid, but it looks okay in the crease.. Black liner and black mascara can be worn anytime.

What eye shadow should you use if you have hazel eyes and brown hair?

Make-up choices are very personalized. You should take an afternoon and experiment with foundation, eye liner and eye shadows, and with blushes. A thin swath of brown with a highlight on the top and outer eyelid can made dark eye colors look more mysterious. However, if you have deeply set eyes, (MORE)

How do you make brown eyes stand out?

Use the eyeshadow that makes brown eyes pop. Greens and golds will emphasize your eyes. Blues and grays do nothing for the richness of your eyes, so stay with the warm tones to make your eyes stand out. If you use eye liner, try brown-black rather than midnight black. The softer brown will highli (MORE)

Eyes brown and brown make blue eyes?

Brown eye gene = B Blue eye gene = b Each person has two copies of the eye color gene in their genome, one inherited from each parent. Now if both parents only carry the gene for brown eyes, BB and BB, then their child will receive one B from each parent, ending up as BB. The same works for blue (MORE)

I'm going to my boyfriends brothers wedding Im wearing a plaid dress that has pink blue green and orange I have brown hair and blue eyes What makeup should I wear?

This is the look I wore for formal night on a cruise. This is a very natural look, so I think it would look good with anything. You can use the products mentioned, something similar, or whatever you like. This is just eyeshadow, mascara, lip-gloss, and eyeliner. If you like anything else such as lip (MORE)

How should someone with big brown eyes put on eye make up?

if you have big and brown eyes, consider yourself lucky. you could basically pull off any eye makeup you would like. to bring out the colors of your eyes, you should use blues and greens or browns. it would really bring out the brown eyecolor. smokey eyes look great on brown eyes in my opinion

Do brown eyes and brown eyes make blue eyes?

It is possible, but less likely than a brown-eyed result. Thereasons for this are actually a little more complex than thesimplified answer given here, but the summarised explanation is asfollows. Eye colour (together with most of our characteristics) is dictatedby dominant and recessive genes. Brow (MORE)

How can you make your blue eyes brown?

Actors change the color of their eyes with contact lenses. Turning the color of your eye color permanently is out of the question. I recommend an optometrist prescribe lens over getting them off the street. I've seen cat eyes, flag eyes and other off the wall and people who bought them from friends (MORE)

How do you make brown eyes into hazel?

Use contact lenses that are hazel coloured or get the things like contact lenses but they only change colour of eye once in and doesnt effect your eyesight.

What is the perfect eye make up for brown eyes?

If you want a totally fool-proof look, go for a smoky eye. It complements every eye shade and look totally stunning! Nonetheless, different shades of brown and tawny eyeshadow look natural yet beautiful on brown eyes. Use a dark brown or black eyeliner to do either a cat-eye or just do a simple line (MORE)

How do you make brown eyes pop without using makeup?

well for instants i have brown eyes i need only two kind of make ups to make my brown eyes pop out.black eye liner and mascara,they are the main things to me.because they are dark and it makes your brown eyes pop out,just putt them on your eyes and make it dark if you dont want to thats fine,then wh (MORE)

What designers make brown dresses?

There are many designers that make brown dresses. Each season and each year the designer chooses different colors palettes. A designer would most likely use brown in their fall collections since brown is considered a fall color.