What makes Syria a non-democratic country?

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Republic under an authoritarian regime. President approved by popular referendum for a second seven-year term (no term limits); referendum last held on 27 May 2007 (next to be held in May 2014); the president appoints the vice presidents, prime minister, and deputy prime ministerselection results: Bashar al-ASAD approved as president; percent of vote - Bashar al-ASAD 97.6%, other 2.4%
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When did Syria become a country?

it became at 2000 b.c.e isn't that old! I think He or She meant was when was Syria a country that was recognised by the world which is 1941 don't know the date SO SMART!

What countries surround Syria?

The countries that surround Syria are: Turkey (N), Iraq(E), Jordan(S), Israel(SW) and Lebanon(W). There is also a coast line to the west. The Mediterranean sea.

Was Syria ever a Christian country?

It's a Muslim and Christian country. Syria was a CHristian Country, it is mentioned in the bible as Aram, and as i believe it attacked Israel because of some proubles between the Christians and Jews. I am not Christian but i do know stuff :D/

What makes a country democratic?

When it's people are given the opportunity to choose who they want to represent themselves, it allows people to choose their leaders.

What country has a non democratic government?

Only two countries in the world do not officially call themselves democratic; they are Myanmar (Burma) which is a Military Dictatorship; and Vatican City, which is a Absolute Theocratic Monarchy. Many of the countries in the world that call themselves democracies are democratic in name only; and due to corruption, disenfranchisement and other factors are not true democracies.

What alphabets were use in the country of Syria?

Several alphabets have been used in that region, including: Akkadian Aramaic Arabic Hebrew Syriac Today, mainly Arabic is used. Some Christians in Syria use the Syriac alphabet for liturgical purposes.

After World War one did Syria become an independent country?

Well kinda, Syria was fist given to the French who let it become independent, it was part of the Ottoman empire before WWI, a Muslim empire that at that point had control of almost all middle east Asia, to get back on target, no not after WWI but later.

Is Syria a third world country?

it's not exactly third world country like some parts of africa and asia its like iran and jordan u can call it second world country but not like russia of course........

Is Syria a poor country?

Syria has the 66th largest economy of any country (at US$59,330,000,000), which is not considered poor. However, Syria has the 114th largest GDP per capita (US$5,078), which is considered poor. As of external debt, Syria is only 13% in debt, one of the lowest in the world. However, as of public debt, Syria is in 30% debt, which is not necessarily bad, but not necessarily good (compared to other nations). Syria is a rich country, meaning the government, however, its citizens do not earn that much money.

Is Syria a wealthy country?

syria itself is not economically wealthy, but the people in it are. they have extremely large family inheritances and pride themselves on their wealth. furthermore, syrian culture is driven by prestige and money. if you have neither, you can rely on your self respect and dignity as backup, and if you dont have that either, then youre a nobody. syrians, especially in the past few decades, have become extremely successful in the western world. they boist of world renown doctors and are very ambitious because the more success they bring about for themselves, the more prestige they can rank in and thus the more highly thought of they are. to be apart of a syrian community requires nothing but money and a sense of self respect, if you have those you are admitted into their society. syrians are extremely maticulous about who they admit, and are very racist as well. they dont even marry outside of their own city and if they do, its all very hush hush. if you arent syrian and are allowed into their society, then you must either 1)have a lot of money or 2) be very well known/famous.

Is China a non-democratic country?

Yes, but . . . China like other totalitarian states feigns towardsdemocracy. They hold votes (voting is a handy method for decisionmaking) but they have only one party that is available to expressone's political principles. If your political principles don'tmatch the party you have no where to go and no one else to votefor. China is a communist country that is ruled by a dictator, called aChairman. The government, controlled by The Chairman, owns everymedia outlet and many manufacturing and industrial firms. The statemandates every aspect of the lives of its people, including eventhe number of children a family can have. Although China makesAmerican goods available through an economy that is graduallycapitalizing, it holds strong non-democratic attitudes and policiestowards those who would challenge their rule. Some of these methodsinclude torture of dissidents, illegal arrests and detainments,kangaroo courts, and militant repression of protests. They usepolice and military to maintain power particularly in Tibet and inother regions which have citizens who would prefer to go their ownway.

Why is Myanmar a non-democratic country?

It is non-democratic because when the people voted for Aung San Suu Kyi to be their president, the military had her arrested, and placed under house arrest. They have refused to hand over power to her and continue to subject the people to their military dictatorship. They have had many thousands arrested for protesting against them and have killed thousands more ethnic tribal people in the countryside. The military junta's recent behavior after the cyclone, in preventing relief efforts, disqualifies them from office.

What can you do in Syria?

I recently went to Syria and it was great. Some sights to see are:Palmyra, Alleppo, and of course Damascues. Oh, and definitely shopin the souks (market places). Whats great about Syria is that youcan go to surrounding countries like Jordan, Israel, Egypt, andLebanon. We just went to Syria, Lebanon, and Jordan. Syria is abeautiful country, and you will enjoy your time there.

What country is between Syria and Israel?

Syria and Israel theoretically share a border, but they areseparated by the UNDOF forces which occupy a no-man's land betweenthem. However, Syria and Israel both border Jordan and Lebanon. In thecase of Lebanon, there is no land border with any nation other thanSyria or Israel.

Is Egypt a good country than Syria?

yup it is better cause egypt got many great places and what i like the most is (sharm el shaikh) i advice you to go their and i promise you will enjoy it and i am not saying that syria is not nice ... no it is nice and their are kind people but egypt got to much great places to go ;)

Is Syria a communist country?

No. Although it was generally aligned with the Soviet Union, it isbetter to see Syria as a Presidential Dictatorship than anythingelse.

Is Syria an Arab country?

Technically No, it is a mixture of races, religion, and nations, so it is very hard to say if it is a Arabic country or not but they say they are Arabs because the speak Arabic. They also speak Aramaic{Mostly Syrian Christians and Assyrians} or Syriac, Druze on the south speak Mountain Arabic or "Gabale" who ever lives with the Druze seems to learn how to talk like them because it is very easy to pick up. Druze are a secret religion back in the times but now they are unrevealing. So you have two answers, 1. The whole idea, yes it is 2. be specific, no it isn't

Is China democratic or a non-democratic country?

The People's Republic of China can be closely described as a non-democratic state as it is in essentials a Socialist state, although its economy can be said to be getting more liberal and Capitalist. The Republic of China however, is democratic. The semi-autonomous Chinese province of Hong Kong is only partially democratic however.

How did Syria become a country?

It depends on how the question is intended. Syria first became a country around 3000 BC as the Kingdom ofAram/Aramea. However, modern Syria became independent in April 1946 as pressurefrom Syrian Nationalist forces and the British forced the French toevacuate their troops. The Syrian Nationalists then adoped therepublican government created during the French Mandatory Period.

What makes the country democratic?

That government officials are elected by the people in open, free and fair elections where there is a plethora of political ideologies.

Is England a non democratic country?

Yes, it has a system of government by which political sovereignty is retained by the people and either exercised directly by citizens or through their elected representatives

What is the nearest country to Syria?

There is no one "nearest" country so Syria. Syria borders Jordan, Israel, Lebanon, Turkey, and Iraq. So, in a sense, all these countries are "nearest" to Syria.

What makes India a democratic country?

india is democratic because the people choose representatives to elect their leader, you may call this a republic but hey, dictatorships are usually called something also

What countries are non democratic countries?

Swaziland Uganda Cameroon Equatorial Guinea Angola Zimbabwe Ethiopia Eritrea The Gambia Burkina Faso Sudan Djibouti Republic of the Congo Central African Republic Rwanda Burundi Mauritania Cuba Iran Syria North Korea Belarus

Is Switzerland a democratic or non democratic country?

switzerland is a democratic country imhope this helped u all Answer 2 Switzerland is a confederation of 26 semi-independent cantons. A canton is equivalent to what is called a state in English-speaking federal countries. It has a very democratic system of government. As many decisions as possible are made at the cantonal level. Each canton has its own constitution, parliament, laws and court system. Most of the cantons were once independent countries, and on many ways continue to act as such. As well as regular elections, Switzerland has a form of "direct democracy" where any decision can be put to a referendum. A petition is started, signatures are collected and if enough signatures are collected there has to be a referendum which is binding. A referendum can be at the federal or cantonal level. Switzerland has a collective head of state, the seven-member federal council. The president is the chairman of this council. Switzerland has a collective head of state, the seven-member Swiss Federal Council. The president is the presiding member of this council. Elected by the Federal Assembly for one year, the President of the Confederation chairs the meetings of the Federal Council and undertakes special representational duties. Primus inter pares, the President has no powers above the other Councillors and continues to head his or her department. Traditionally the duty rotates among the members in order of seniority and the previous year's Vice President becomes President. The official title is "President of the Confederation" (German: Bundespräsident(in), French: Président(e) de la Confédération, Italian: Presidente della Confederazione, Romansh: President(a) da la Confederaziun).

Is Syria a colonized country?

Syria was formerly a French Mandate. While technically this meansthat Syria was not colonized, a mandate was more or less a colony.

What is the telephone country code for Syria?

Syria is country code +963. When calling from outside Syria, you must drop the trunk prefix '0'from the Syrian area code. For example, Damascus' area code 011becomes +963 11. Mobile numbers begin with +963 9. For landline area codes, see the related question "Where istelephone country code 963?" (The plus sign means "insert yourinternational access prefix here." From a GSM mobile phone, you canenter the number in full international format, starting with theplus sign. The most common prefix is 00 , but North America (USA, Canada,etc.) uses 011 , Japan uses 010 , Australia uses 0011 , and many othercountries use different prefixes.).

Is Syria still a dictatorial country?

Yes. Syria will remain a dictatorship for as long as Basharal-Assad remains in power and will likely continue to be adictatorship if he falls because his main opposition is made ofSunni Theocrats, not unlike al-Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Why is Iraq a non-democratic country?

Iraq is an illiberal democracy. It has elected leadership, but thatleadership is sectarian and does not respresent the views of largesegments of its constituency and, effectively, alienates them.

Who are Syria?

Syria is a place not a people. The people that live in Syria arecalled Syrians.

Is Syria a developing country?

Not at the moment - the country is in currently (2015) a state ofanarchistic collapse and civil war. The rest of the people in theworld are horrified at what is happening to the people of Syria butare concerned (based on recent experience) that if they intervenethis will cause the problems to spread in the area. The people ofSyria will in the end have to get together and decide how they wantto live and implement this decision before the country can resume apath of development.

Is Isis and Syria the same country?

no Isis is a terrorist group ISIL is an insurgent group operating in Syrian and Iraqi territory.When people say "Syria" today, they are usually referring to theSyrian Regime, which is led by Bashar al-Assad and controls asignificant portion of the Syria which ISIL has not yet overrun.