What makes someone Canadian?

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They are only Canadian is they were born and raised is Canada
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Who made the Canadian flag and when did they make it?

George Stanley and John Matheson are creditted as the flag's creators. They would have created the flag between 1964 (when Lester B. Pearson began to address the issue of the

Where can someone get an application for a Canadian passport?

Resources for a Canadian passport can be found at the Canadian government's official passport website or at a Canadian authorized service location. No one else can authorize y
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Where can someone find a Canadian Citizenship Lawyer?

A great way to find a Canadian citizenship lawyer would be to use one of the lawyer directories that can be accessed online. Resources include the Canadian Law List, Lawyer Lo
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Where can someone contact Canadian immigration lawyers?

Local Canada immigration layer can be found using the Yellow Pages. There is also a website called Canada Legal which has a list of lawyers operating in Canada. The list conta
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Where can someone buy Canadian living magazine?

Canadian Living Magazine can be purchased from many major supermarkets including Tesco and Asda.On the internet one could order the magazine from their official website.
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Where can someone look at a Canadian dollar chart?

A Canadian dollar chart can be found in many Canadian banks. The purpose of the chart is to show the exchange rate of Canadian dollars to other forms of currency.
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Why did they quit making Canadian pennies?

Inflation has rendered them obsolete, and they cost more than face value to produce. Credit card transactions still pay exact amounts, but cash transactions round up or dow