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What makes stock prices go up and down?

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Its all about supply and demand. The more people who wants to buy the stock, the more the price increases. On the other hand when less people want to buy the stock, the price decreases.
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Why gold price going up and down?

The "price" of gold is based upon supply and demand, the Commitment of Traders where the shorts and longs of Commercial Hedgers (industry) battle it out with Large (banks an

Why do stocks go down more than they go up?

  That's not necessasarily true - depends on what you are looking at and out of which window. Stocks tend to move randomly in the short term, and there's essentially an eq

Why do the stocks go up and down?

they go up and down, because the stock can never stay in the same number for a long time, so if the stock is going up, it's doing great. but if it's going down, it doing bad

Why do stock prices go up and down?

Stock prices go up and down based on the changes in investors' demand for a given corporation's stock. That demand is determined by investors' and potential investors' expecta

What makes the prices of stocks go up and down?

  The prices go up and down depending on whether people who buy stocks think they are a good or a bad investment.... they also depend on whether anyone is actually trading

Why do stocks go up or down in price?

Stock prices go up or down based on the Demand - Supply theory. Whenever the demand for a stock is more than its supply its prices go up Whenever the supply of a stuck is

Are diamond prices going up or down?

Diamond prices are going down because machines can now make perfect diamonds. So yeh give it a couple of years and the prices of diamonds will drop.

What makes the stock market go up or down?

It depends on the ratio of buying to selling in stocks. If more people are buying than selling most of the stocks in any index, then the index goes up. If more are being sold