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What makes stock prices go up and down?

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Its all about supply and demand. The more people who wants to buy the stock, the more the price increases. On the other hand when less people want to buy the stock, the price decreases.
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Does a stock go down when a company makes an acquisition?

  Typically the company doing the acquiring goes down while the company being acquired goes up in an acquisition. This is not always the case but historically a large majo

Why do stock prices go up and down?

Stock prices go up and down based on the changes in investors' demand for a given corporation's stock. That demand is determined by investors' and potential investors' expecta

Why does the stock market go up or down after closing?

Because Brokers are still able to place trades after business has ended in readiness for the next session. Some trades will be sell and some trades will be buy and the trade w

Why are salaries going down yet prices are going up?

The main reason that prices are going up is because we import lots of things from places like China and the value of our currency is gradually reducing relative to the Chinese

What makes the stock market go up or down?

It depends on the ratio of buying to selling in stocks. If more people are buying than selling most of the stocks in any index, then the index goes up. If more are being sold

Is gold stocks up or down?

Gold stocks are down, but now would be a great time to buy because the stocks are so cheap

What causes stocks to go up and down?

  Stock prices like many other things related to the economy are based on supply and demand. As more buyers enter the market they begin exhausting the number of shares for

Why do share market prices go up and down?

In share market generally prices go up when there is some good news related to any company and if there is any bad news price's will come down. And it also varies some time

Is the stock market up or down?

It changes every day, but right now, its down, by ALOT, when the recession ends the stock market is estimated to go up, so save those stocks, unless you need the extra money f

Did the stock market go up or down today?

Yes, the stock market did go down just a little bit. Compared to other days, today is nothing to be concerned about. We are not quite at the levels that you should panic.

Will stock market go up or down tomorrow?

No one knows the answer to this question. We can guess, but what happens in the future can not be foretold. If people could do this everyone would be wealthy.

What makes stock prices rise?

Stock prices rise when most people want to buy stocks rather thanselling it. In reverse, when people are more interested in sellingproducts rather than buying it, the stock pr
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Does gravity make you go up or down?

On or near the Earth, the gravitational force between you and the Earth attracts you toward the center of the Earth. That direction is different at different places on Ear

Will stock market go up or down on Monday?

We will find out on Monday. Although markets exhibit trends based on seasonality, day to day market fluctuations are based on such a wide variety of factors, it is impossible