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What mammal looks like a skunk?

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A skunk.
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Do hamsters spray like a skunk?

Hamsters don't spray like skunks, but they do have strong scent glands in their rectums that they can express. This is also true of cats and dogs, incidentally, and is a way f

How do mammals look?

People have "baby teeth" or "milk teeth". So do all of the other mammals! The only exceptions are mammals like anteaters -- they don't have any teeth at all. Mammal mothers ar

What does a skunks spray look like?

  My cat got sprayed last nite, I don't know why but it was only on one of his front legs and especially on his paw (probably stuck his paw in a skunk's lair......) anyway

What do skunks look like?

  it varies. skunks can have different colors: black, white (even if not albino), lavender, brown, black and white, brown and white, etc... striped skunks have a long stri

Do all mammals look like their parents at birth?

No. Although mammals do not go through a complete metamorphosis, as amphibians do, many mammals do not look like their parents at birth. A marsupial at birth is a tiny embryo,
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What does skunk spray look like?

If it is a direct close range strike, It will look like a dirty yellow. My dog (Siberian husky) has attacked 2 skunks so far and the first time he was shot in the face, mouth,