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What may be the problem if a Harbor Breeze ceiling fan with Harbor Breeze remote added on turns light and fan on high when fan high button is pressed at remote?

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Harbor breeze ceiling fans are excellent quality at a reasonable price! But keep in mind there are pretty much troubles on these affordable ceiling fans. Or take a look at the link given here... http://www.ceiling-fan-wizard.com/harbor-breeze-ceiling-fans.html
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How can you get a Logitech Harmony 880 remote to control a Harbor Breeze Triton ceiling fan?

Answer   If the harmony website doesn't have a device listing for your fan, then you need to learn it. With the remote plugged in, and the harmony software running, you c

Can a Harmony 670 remote control a Harbor Breeze ceiling fan?

yes, so long as you know the model # of the fan. The Harmony 670 is an universal remote control so it's possible to contol your harbor breeze ceiling fan Kind of true, howeve

How do you stop ticking in a Harbor Breeze ceiling fan?

Sounds like the fan blades (or some other component) may be a little loose. Try taking a screwdriver to each screw you can find and give it a little snug-up. http://www.harb

Remote control ceiling fans?

Remote control ceiling fans are modern appliances that can be  fitted at home or in the office. The setting and operations are  done using a remote which provides so much co
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What is the bullb size for a Harbor Breeze Cedar Hill fan?

Most are 60 w but you should Look At side of receptacle should say if not Do NOT go higher than What was in it find out from Owners manual or call harbor breeze. I assume no
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Is a remote fan control available for ceiling fans?

Ceiling fans powered by remote control are widely available. Some manufacturers of these fans and of ceiling fan remote controls include Del Mar, Monte Carlo, Litex and Hunter
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What is the best brand for Ceiling Fans with remote?

Everyone has different opinions on what is the best brand for ceiling fans with remotes. However, some of the top rated ceiling fan brands include Emerson Eco Fans, Casablanca