What method did Cleopatra use to commit suicide?

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Snake Bite. She used an Egyptian Asp. Don"t get any crazy ideas. Some years ago it hit the Gotham tabloids- Snake-Bite suicide bid. They got the poor jerk anti-venom in time. There are some snakes like the Copperhead for whom no safe or reliable anti-venom is known. Red to Yellow- Kill a Fellow!

Did Cleopatra commit suicide?

Yes, Cleopatra did commit suicide, but exactly how is not known. There is a myth that she was bitten by a snake, however it has been disproved. Historians think it was by some

How did Cleopatra commit suicide?

Octavian the ruler of rome had Cleopatra locked up she asked for something but also asked for a highly poisonus snake inside seceretly. She took the snake and let it bite her

What happened after Cleopatra committed suicide?

After Cleopatra's death she was given an elaborate funeral and buried. Rome took over the government of Egypt, making it an imperial province. After Cleopatra's death she was

Why di Cleopatra committed suicide?

Cleopatra committed suicide to save herself the humiliation of being displayed as a trophy in Octavian's triumph back in Rome. Cleopatra committed suicide to save herself the

How is Cleopatra said to have committed suicide?

The best answer to your question is not a very good one, but its the one that all the scholars agree upon, and that is that Cleopatra died by some type of poison. Even the anc