What method of photography was the main source of photos before digital photography came into use?

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Film cameras and film stock to take the photos...
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What is photography?

Photography is the fact of capturing an amount of light during a given moment on a light sensitive material. ..whether it's a film or a digital sensor. ..

What is digital photography?

Digital photography is a form of photography that uses an array of light sensitive sensors to capture the image focused by the lens, as opposed to an exposure on light sensitive film. The captured image is then stored as a digital file ready for digital processing (colour correction, sizing, croppin (MORE)

Which is better digital or film photography?

What is your subject? What is your intent? In this day and age, digital is almost always better. It allows superior manipulation post-capture and much greater flexibility. There still are those seeking the rustic film-look that is hard to match with digital photos. On the sidenote: There are phot (MORE)

Where did digital photography start?

it started back in the 1800 when color image came out lots of people wanted to do and that is how it came out and now today people use camers for fun

What is Orientation sensor in digital photography?

The camera figures out that you've rotated it 90 degrees to take a vertical shot (portrait orientation). When you review the image, it remains vertical on the viewing screen even though you are now holding the camera in it's usual position (landscape orientation), with the view screen horizontal onc (MORE)

Will digital photography replace film photography?

I believe the answer is yes - once sensors can match or beat film in terms of depth (the range of intensity they can record) and the amount of noise produced. It may occur gradually as die-hard film users retire. But it will happen in my opinion. The question isn't If! It already has. I mean, (MORE)

10 positives to digital photography?

Less costly to get prints from . Uses less water . No darkroom and prints are indistinguishable from film photography . More commonly available . Easier to combine with a cellular phone . Easier to get archival prints from . Digital cameras aren't usually as heavy . Digit (MORE)

How was the camera used before the invention of photography?

Actually, the camera obscura WAS used by artists to assist in painting before the advent of photography. The artists would sit in a darkened room with a pinhole in one side. The image (rendered upside down) projected on the wall was used by the painters, rather than looking at the scene itself. . S (MORE)

What can you do with photography?

You can go into forensics (criminal photography), portraits, weddings, children, landscapes. All kinda things including marketing, business almost anything Here are some of the best things things that photography allows you to do, plus info on how to achieve it: . Photography is a career that (MORE)

What is iso in digital photography?

The sensitivity of the light sensor is measured in ISOanalogous to photographic film's sensitivity to light, its "film speed," which is described by ISO 5800:1987. Hence, the film's speed is often referred to as its "ISO number.". ISO (International Standards Organization).. In digital photography (MORE)

Pros and cons of digital photography?

Pros- -if you have a good camera that you can control the lighting and exposure situation, you'll take incredible pictures. -photoshop allows you to easily fix small mistakes you might make -image stabilization on the camera & automatic focus Cons- -films cameras can give a much more natural look - (MORE)

Where can you submit digital photography?

One good place is a website called, deviantart.com. You can create a free account which allows you to create your own gallery by uploading your art, create journals, a profile, comment anf favourite other pieces of art on the website. You can upload various types of photography, from macro to po (MORE)

What are some differences between digital photography and film photography?

Pros of digital cameras . digital images can be seen immediately after taking the picture through the small monitor on the back of a camera . digital film (cards, storage devices) can be re-used almost indefinitely, so you do not have to continually buy more cards to take more pictures . digita (MORE)

What is noise in digital photography?

Digital photography noise is a common occurrence in photography when the setting of the ISO is too high or if you are using a cheap digital camera. . When you press the shutter on your camera, light hits the sensor, and an analog signal is produced, which is converted to a digital image. If, durin (MORE)

How digital photography has improved the quality of photography?

When you've removed the tradition, elitism and semantics often involved in this issue, you could argue that be simply by placing the ability to produce images in the hands of the masses, digital photography has allowed otherwise unreachable brains to experiment in the medium. While it could be arg (MORE)

Where can you sell your digital photography online?

Several stock photography sites will purchase digital photographs. There are e-commerce sites that allow photographers to sell their photos on their website. A popular option is www.smugmug.com. Photographers can also create their own website to sell photos online. Additionally, some photo labs (MORE)

Photography What does it do?

Photography is the art of taking photographs. Simply put, it is just painting pictures using light. It is a process involving a light-proof box (camera), a small window or opening (lens) and a 'canvas' (film or sensor). So what it does? It is drawing pictures but using light.

Where can photography used?

You can use photography everywhere but there are specific areas of photography like when people have interests of taking pictures of landscape or seascape. Some love to take pictures of people (portrait) some, concepts like objects or even close up (macro) and a lot. You might want to join some of t (MORE)

What is is photography used for?

Photography is a popular form of art that involves capturing a moment on film. Now digitized, photography can be manipulated using systems such as Photoshop to make for the best possible image. There are many occupations that require an expertise in photography, a couple being photojournalism or gra (MORE)

How are digital photography and catalog photography alike?

Catalog photography is a type of commercial photography that is published for pubic viewing in a catalog. Digital Photography is a good way to make photography accesible for catalogs. As an instant media form, photographs for catalogs can be made cheaply and modified more effectively for use in a ca (MORE)

What is photography about?

Just like with any other art, it's about capturing beauty and bringing an artist's emotions and vision of the world out in a tangible media to be enjoyed.

Can you use digital pictures of fabric you have to use as backgrounds for your photography?

Sure, but be sure to photograph your subject against a white background. This way you can digitally select the background and remove it. Then use the fabric picture as a new background. Photoshop allows you to use layers to easily accomplish that. Load your picture into Photoshop. Select the (MORE)

How did digital photography change the world?

It didn't really change anything, other than for those in professions that require their photos to be quickly distributed. Film is still widely available and perfectly fine for amateur use, although I do know some professionals who use film and get their work published in major magazines.

Why is photography used?

Photography is typically used to capture the beauty and finesse in the world. It shows people another side of the world that they would normally never see. Visit the related links below to take a look at some of the pictures people have taken so you can get a better perspective on things.

What are the disadvantages of digital photography?

For most "amateur" or "snapshot" photographers, there's virtually no disadvantage. For anything more serious, you start to see shortcomings, but there are shortcomings in a lot of things: 1. Lag time: the time it takes from when you press the shutter release until the shutter actually opens and c (MORE)

What is exposure in regard to digital photography?

It's no different to film. Exposure refers to the correct amount of light coming into the camera to achieve an accurate rendition of the image being captured. So if you point the camera at an 18% grey card you expose it for long enough, or short enough, to achieve 18% grey rendition.

How is ISO used in digital photography?

ISO is lighting for your camera. So if you click on ISO and set it higher it will make your picture lighter, if you set it lower your picture will be darker so if it really bright outside you will want a lower ISO, but say it is cloudy and dark you may want your ISO a little higher.

How did you get into photography?

A picture speaks a thousand words. That is what we at Lakhotiaprecisely believe. Sensing the massive dearth of good photographycourses,Lakhotia Institute of Design has decided to supplement thisindustry with one of its crucial requirements of visualconversation. No fashion show or publication,design (MORE)

What does pixel stand for in digital photography?

The progression of the term is " Pic ture el ement", "Picel", "Pixel". One Pixel Element consists of a series of numbers corresponding to red, blue, and green values usually ranging from 0 to 255. 0 is "no light", 255 is "maximum light". So a pixel called rgb(0,0,0) would be BLACK, and rgb(255,255, (MORE)

What did photography do?

When photography was developed it as mainly used as a documentary tool. It would bring images around the world that could only be done by drawing artists at the time. The aristocratic branch of the English and American societies loved to receive photographs or see newspapers with pictures from all o (MORE)

Who came up with the name Photography?

The term photography is argued to have been coined by Sir John Hersche during a lecture to the Royal Society of London on March 14th, 1839. However, photography actually appeared in an article in a German newspaper the month before by a Berlin astronomer named Johann von Maedler.

Are there any degrees for digital photography?

There are many schools throughout the country that offer a Bachelors degree in Digital Photography. If one is interested in pursuing this degree contacting an Art Institute is ones best bet for information.