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What month has the most birthdays?

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Answer (: x x xMore people are born in August than any other month. October is second.
january is 3rd...
(New person) : I think you might be right :/ i was born in August but i think the most popular is October. The survey says that the month most people are born is different to the month that's most popular (: x x

I would agree with August after research. This makes sense, too. During December, it gets cold so people come inside and there's not much to do. So they you know what and nine months later, in August, there's a new person in the family. So yeah, August.
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What month has more birthdays celebrated?

  October is the month for most birthdays. July is in second place. The date which has the most birthdays is 5 October, meaning that those born that day were most probably

What birthday month is Sagittarius?

The zodiac sign of Sagittarius falls between  November 23 and December 21.    Sagittarius is a fire sign, with a ruling planet of Jupiter. The  symbol of Sagittarius

What month has the most presidents birthdays?

October was tied for 1st from 1953 to 1977, and it has been all alone in 1st place since 1977. Six U.S. Presidents to date were born in October: Jimmy Carter (1st of Oct. 192

What is the most popular month for birthdays?

The most popular month for a birthday is statistically August. This could coincide with wintry conditions nine months earlier. However, multiple sources point to October 5th

What month has the least birthdays?

February.....because it only has 28 days (29 on leap years). Statistically it has the least amount of birthdays.

Is July a good birthday month?

yes, all birthday months are great kids can think about it like my birthday is in summer so i do not have to go to school. just remember all birthdays are equal.