What monuments are in Massachusetts?

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The Bunker Hill Monument in the Boston National Historic Park is probably the one you are looking for.

Where is Massachusetts?

In the northeast. New England. Upper right corner of a standard U.S. map such as the one linked below. Massachusetts is located by Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, Vermont and New Hampshire. So go look at a map and look in the top right corner It is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean, it is bord (MORE)

What are jaina monuments?

There are no Jaina monuments. Though you can find Jaina at her house in the town of Gilbert Arizona

What is a monument?

A monument is a specific feature, either natural or man-made, that has meaning and significance. Some examples include Mt. Rushmore (man-made), and Devils Tower (natural).

Monuments in Paris?

Eiffel tower Champs Elysees Arc de triomphe Jardin de luxembourg Musee d'orsay Musee de la louvre Cleopatra's needle

What does monument mean?

A monument is something erect to remember a person. Also means any building surviving past ages like the Stonehenge or the Pyramid.

What is a monument in Canada?

The CN Tower is a quite significant monument. It is located in downtown Toronto. It is the tallest freestanding building in the world, and about ten years ago, it was the tallest building in the world.

What is the Washington Monument?

The Washington Monument is a US Memorial commemorating George Washington.. It was recognized for George Washington's bravery and courage.

Is the Washington Monument the tallest monument in the US?

Isn't Mount Rushmore a gay monument? It certainly is taller the the Washington Monument. Correction: Mt Rushmore is a gay memorial, not a gay monument. The tallest National Monument is the Gateway Arch at 630 feet tall. The Washington Monument is 555 feet tall.

What are Han monuments?

The Great Wall of China is one of Han dynasty's monuments. It isChina's legendary defense of line and the country's major historicmonument.

What is a national monument?

A national monument is basically the same as a national park... differing mainly in the manner in which it was created. A national monument is created by the President of the United States and a national park is created by legislative action by the U.S. Congress.

Monuments of France?

You've got the Eiffel Tower (Tour Eiffel), the Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris, the Panthéon, lots of castles (Châteaux de la Loire).

Monument in Germany?

There must be thousands of monuments in Germany. Please use capital letters for names such as Germany.

What is the purpose of a monument?

The purpose of a monument is to remember a person or important event that has done something great from the past tense. Such as Hiroki Sugihara and the Portuguese people who had took part in the age of exploration in thhe 15th and 16th centuries.

Where is Monuments of Mustakillik?

It is not Monuments, it is big square, where Uzbekistan celebrates it big and national holidays in that square. It is located in Tashkent the capital of Uzbekistan, however, I guess, there might be more than one Mustakillik square. Because "Mistaqillik" means independence, so Mustaqillik square i (MORE)

What is in Massachusetts?

Massacusets has many hisorical things init because it joined 9th also go to the larget city Boston and the capital camparage

What is historical monument?

A historical monument is a monument such as a bridge, or pyramid that was made in history. Some examples are =the pyramids of giza =the sphinx =the great wall of china =the colosseum =the taj mahal There are a great many, there are some websites that expand of the ones i have have listed (MORE)

How do you save monuments?

Stop people from writing on the walls of our monuments because it spoils the beauty of our monument…. Spread awareness among people about the importance of our monuments so that they can also become a part to save our monuments… Restrict people from spitting or throwing garbage in or out (MORE)

How do you preserve monuments?

we should try to stop the the people who write on the monuments we cn also try to clean them sometimes try to complain to any orgnization if there is any fatories we should try to insist the people to follow the rules we should try to renovate damaged monument we should inform to some org (MORE)

What is the Monument in London?

The Monument in London normally refers to the Monument to the Great Fire of London which is located near the north side of London Bridge in the City of London. It was built in the 1670s after the great fire of 1666 and designed by Christopher Wren.

Is monumentous a word?

no...the word is monumental\n. \nyes\nIt's a "portmanteau word"\n. \nmonumental + momentous = monumentous - means "very significant"\n. \nfirst appearance in the year 1896 (google book search...)

What monuments are at Gettysburg?

There are simple battlefield rock carvings which may or may not have been placed there at the time of the battle by actual participants. The first formal memorial was a memorial urn placed by the 1st Minnesota Infantry and since that moment on the argument has been going on as to what constituted an (MORE)

Are there monuments in Fiji?

Yes, lots. The monument of King Ma'afu of Tonga. The monument of Ratu Sir Lala Sukuna. The Deed of Cession Stone. The first arrivals of the Lapita people to Fiji monument. The International Dateline 180meridean in Taveuni. The Statue of Queen Victoria in Tailevu. WW2 Memorial Statue in Suva.

What presidents are on the monument?

Mount Rushmore National Memorial, near Keystone, South Dakota, is a monumental granite sculpture by Gutzon Borglum It consists of former United States presidents (left to right): George Washington (1732-1799), Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826), Theodore Roosevelt (1858-1919), and Abraham Lincoln (1809 (MORE)

Is Monument valley a national monument?

No. It is completely within the sovereign territory of the Navajo Nation, and thus outside the jurisdiction of the federal government. As such, it can not become part of the National Park System. It is instead a Navajo Tribal Park.

Why were monuments built?

Monuments are built to honor the memory of a historic person orevent. The Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC is a very goodexample of a monument dedicated to a person.

What monuments are in Edinburgh?

Some of the most important monuments in Edinburgh are the Edinburgh Castle, The Elephant House Cafe (the birthplace of Harry Potter), Holy Rood Palace, the royal mile, and St. Giles Cathedral. Also, it is very worthwhile to go to Edinburgh during Fringe Festival. The city is so alive, and many of th (MORE)

What monuments are there i Paris?

Lots and lots and lots.Let me point you to two of my websites: http://www.grenfell-banks.com/Pariguid.htm http://www.FranceInPictures.com

Why are monuments important?

because they represent their country. e.g. the eiffel tower represents France that is why so many people know what France is.

What are the monuments of Malawi?

Lilongwe Wildlife Center is in the capital city and is a placewhere injured monkeys, crocodiles, and lions are cared for. Thereis also a World War I Memorial.

What is the monument in Glasgow?

There are many monuments in Glasgow. Amongst them is the ScottMonument, the Arthur Wellesley monument, the Donald Dewar Monumentand many others.

Does Malaysia Have Monuments?

Yes, of course. The most famous one would be the Petronas Twin Towers. It's really beautiful especially at night. Others include the KL Tower, and some other more famous mosques/temples.

Is the Stonehenge a monument?

yes,stonehenge is a monument Yes, one definition of a monument is: any building, megalith, etc.,surviving from a past age, and regarded as of historical orarcheological importance.

What can you do in Massachusetts?

Massachusetts is loaded with historical, cultural, vacation & sporting activities all across the state and in every season every corner of the commonwealth has something to offer.

What are Suriname's monuments?

Jodensavanne and the historic center of Paramaribo have examples of Suriname's monuments. Specifically, monuments are buildings that have historic or memorial significance. Jodensavanne contains the remains from Jewish plantation settlements around the Suriname River during the 17th and 18th cen (MORE)

What are the sardinian monuments?

St. Mary's Cathedral Address: Piazza Duomo, Alghero, Sardinia, Italy, IT Ruins of Barumini (Sardinian Nuraghe) Address: Cabras, Sardinia, Italy, IT Serravalle Castle Address: Bosa, Sardinia, Italy, IT Anghelu Ruju Necropolis Address: Near Alghero, Sardinia, Italy, IT Monte Ortobene Addre (MORE)

Where is the monument of gildas?

A LETTER FROM ELIZABETH 1ST witness the monument of G ILDAS. unto which both foreign and domestic have gone in pilgrimage there to offer.This author testifieth Joseph of Arimathea to be the first preacher of the word of God within our realms. Long after that, Austin ( Augustine) came from Rome this (MORE)

What is monumental moments?

A monumental moment is a moment that is extremely important or significant. Could be a crucial moment in one's life such as death, birth etc.

What Does Monumented Mean?

The context for the usage of the word is not given. HOWEVER - in property law, a "monument" is a description of the legal marking of the boundary of a property. Thus, if a property is said to be "monumented" it would mean that the property in question had been legally surveyed, the boundaries laid o (MORE)

What do monuments remember?

Monuments are dead things, inert. If they remember anything, no onehas ever been able to figure it out. But monuments can help humansremember the reason for the monuments.

A grave or monument?

Whether to choose a grave or a monument for a deceased loved onecan be a difficult choice. Fortunately, it doesn't have to be ifyou choose both. You can have your loved one buried, and place amonument above, or anywhere you like to honor their memory.

What is the monument in Gundagai?

The monument that is located eight kilometres outside Gundagai isthe Dog on the Tuckerbox. It immortalises the faithful dogs thatwould sit and guard their masters' tuckerboxes while the driversand bullockies were off seeking assistance for their wagons thatinvariably became bogged at the river cross (MORE)