What movie is playing at the end of Introducing Lorelai Planetarium when Luke is flipping through the channels?

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The Philadelphia Story
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What movie introduced Luke Skywalker?

That's to easy! A New Hope Another answer: 1. You have spelt too wrong 2. If you mean in number order it's actually Revenge Of The Sith 3: If you mean in movie order it

In what season of Gilmore Girl's does Lorelai and Luke date?

the last epside of season 4 all throug season 5 and 6. Lorelai and Luke kissed in the season finale of Season 4. They go on their first date in Season 5 Episode 3, titled 'Wr

Why did lorelai dump Luke?

Lorelai didn't dump Luke until the 6th season when she broke off the engagement because he wouldn't elope with her. However, Luke broke up with her because he was jealous of c

Do luke and lorelai stay together in the Gilmore Girls?

Alas, no they did not stay together because Lorelai gave Luke an ultimatum and then went and slept with Christopher when he said no. Lorelai married Christopher, but only for
In Gilmore Girls

Who does Lorelai from Gilmore girls end up with?

Lorelai is a character from the television series Gilmore Girls. She ends up with Luke with whom she first dated in season four. The two had an on and off relationship during