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What must a society have before they can develop towns and cities?

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How do shanty towns in Mexico City develop over time?

  Well, more and more Mexican farmland immigrants move to the city in hopes of a better life, but there is not much housing or as many job oppurtunities as they expected.

What must farms of a region produce before a city can develop?

These days, nothing, provided that the city site has a sea port, and the country is rich enough to build a new city. All required products can be brought in by sea. A good exa

Why must an ovum be fertilized before it can develop a baby?

An ovum or egg is what is called a 'gamete'. A gamete is a cell produced for sexual purposes by a special process of cell division called meiosis in which the number of chromo

Why did medieval towns and cities develop?

Improvements in agriculture made it possible for a smaller number of people to provide food for a greater population. This had the effect of making it possible for a larger nu

What must be developed before a diabetic can receive an organ transplant?

Diabetics can have organ transplants. Kidney and pancreas (both at once) transplants are becoming more common as treatment for type 1 diabetics as it improves quality of life.