What must a society have before they can develop towns and cities?

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What important historical role has the Mississippi river played in the development of cities an towns?

the Mississippi River allowed access to the Southeast from the gulf coast, and was tremendously important in allowing the colonization of that part of the United States. In addition, I would say that access to the river encouraged agriculture in the region, since without the Mississippi and its tr (MORE)

When were cities developed?

Cities were developed so people could have more local control ofthings. People come to cities where they like what happens there.?æ

How does society develop?

There are multiple models explaining the development of humansocieties. The evolutionary model using observations of other upperdivision mammals and anthropology indicates the societaldevelopment and structure is inherent to a species. This is becausewhales, dolphins, and primates (our evolutionary (MORE)

How do shanty towns in Mexico City develop over time?

Well, more and more Mexican farmland immigrants move to the city in hopes of a better life, but there is not much housing or as many job oppurtunities as they expected. Many end up living in shantytowns until they find better housing. Never the less, many immigramants still say the shantytowns are b (MORE)

How can a student help in the development of the society?

Students are the future of the country. Through their energy, ability and potential they can bring radical changes not only to the society but also to the country as a whole. They can participate in creating awareness among the people about several issues and can help them in contributing efficientl (MORE)

Where did medieval towns develop?

Medieval towns developed at crossroads along trails, roadways, and streams, where there was water to power mills or provide for local artisans, shops, and merchants. The town was also usually in a location where it could be protected and defended, sometimes close to a castle. ----- In the Middle (MORE)

Why did mining towns develop?

\n. Mining towns were developed to mine resources such as gold, iron, coal, etc. They were bascically for making more money, or in some cases, such as the Calif. Gold Rush, they gave an incentive to move to the mining town.\n. \n. How am I sure?\n. I am a teacher that is giving the lesson to her (MORE)

How did cow towns develop?

Cow towns developed by cattle drivers going through the cow towns.This became a yearly event and soon became an important railstation.

How did the towns change medieval society?

it helped change the medival society because through towns, insteadof depending on agriculture people started to depend on trade(money) which got rid of the medival economy. towns also gavepeasants a sense of independence which also made them break awayfrom feudalism.

What must be in a city?

In old European times a city must have a cathedral. Most cultures have different definitions for towns and cities. In Germany the name for a town and city is the same, "Stadt". 100000 citizens is often the requirement for a city.

How did medieval towns develop?

They grew because there were lots of trade and they were lots castle building which got lots of people from other countries to build castle.the people need more food so they are more markets

How did ghost towns develop?

In the US, many ghosts towns are in the west and were former mining communities particularly for gold. When people found out there was gold they flocked there to get rich (ironicly few did). When the easy gold was found their was no reason to stay also many of these places don't have a good supply o (MORE)

Role of energy in the development of society?

Energy helps in powering industries in order to produce or processproducts much faster. Energy also cuts down on certain costs thatwould otherwise render the venture unprofitable.

Why must society have outcasts?

As you may know, Society can't be perfect. That's just the way God made it. Plus some people just can't help looking down their noses at the people with say dirty clothes.

Why did spartan society develop the way it did?

We assume that Lykourgos, the Spartan law giver had created the Spartan society to be the way it is. However, as it dates that Lykourgos had lived for over 200 years, it is unsure if he is just a myth.

What were the mongols intellectual developments to society?

Genghis Khan organized Mongol soldiers into groups based on the decimal system. All males 14-60 were recursively built from groups of 10, 100, 1000, 10000 each with a leader reporting to the next higher level Another one is that they were 1st created because small groups got together wich created (MORE)

Which society developed religion?

Every religion is not developed by any human being but the god himself has granted human being a law to live peacefully in this earth.This was sent through the messeengers and then religions were spoiled by the followers of that religion after the death of their Prophet. So they disobayed and make t (MORE)

Why must an ovum be fertilized before it can develop a baby?

An ovum or egg is what is called a 'gamete'. A gamete is a cell produced for sexual purposes by a special process of cell division called meiosis in which the number of chromosomes per cell is cut in half. Thus the ovum has only 1/2 the amount of DNA needed to make new baby. In male's meiosis (MORE)

When did cities develop?

Cities are defined by their strong and often iconic bridges. Without a bridge, a city is divided along tributary lines. All of the great cities were built alongside existing natural bridges. Cities have many names and often travellers get lost due to the large number of names used even by the cities (MORE)

What are the requirements for an economically developed society?

In general, economic development is measured by GDP per capita, so an economically developed society would simply have a relatively high GDP per capita. This result implies development of key components of GDP, such as capital, labour, natural resources, infrastructure, education, healthcare, and tr (MORE)

What must be in a city to become a city?

It varies. In the US, individual states set the requirements.Normally there must be at least a certain number of inhabitantswithin the boundaries set forth in the municipal constitution (orcharter, or whatever they call it in that jurisdiction) and theplace must choose to call itself a city. In some (MORE)

How do human societies develop into civilizations?

Human societies develop into civilizations by having groups specialize in various endeavors. When fewer people need to produce food more people can do other things. Thus the State of Texas in the United States has an economy the same size as that of Russia. The United States needs a lot fewer people (MORE)

Why did medieval towns and cities develop?

Improvements in agriculture made it possible for a smaller number of people to provide food for a greater population. This had the effect of making it possible for a larger number of people to live in towns and cities. Transportation improved, and with it there was an increase in trade. Trade cent (MORE)

What must be developed before a diabetic can receive an organ transplant?

Diabetics can have organ transplants. Kidney and pancreas (both at once) transplants are becoming more common as treatment for type 1 diabetics as it improves quality of life. Transplants performed on diabetics for reasons not directly related to their diabetes are also possible - having any form o (MORE)

Why did society need to develop numerals?

Society needed to develop numerals so they could communicate the number of sheep or other animals or any other number of things. It probably started thousands of years ago.

Why were boom towns developed in the west?

Boon towns had different causes. Some were transportation centers,cross roads, railroad heads and steamboat ports. Some were mineralbased gold, silver and copper strikes. If a town could become acounty seat or even better a territorial or state capital thiswould bring business into the area.

Why towns develop near rivers?

Easier access to trade routes, fresh water, faster transportation,hydroelectric power can be built there, easy access to the ocean,