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What name was used by Russian socialist revolutionaries until March 1918?

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They called themselves the Bolsheviks, which in Russian means 'majorityites'. This term was misleading, because it arose at the 1903 at the Russian Social Democratic Party (Marxists) Congress in Brussels, when the party split into two factions over the issue of strictness of party discipline over its members. The Bolsheviks were actually the minority faction when a number of conservative members of the party walked out in protest at Lenin's agitations. This gave Lenin's more radical followers a temporary one vote majority. He seized this opportunity to name his faction Bolsheviviks. Lenin's faction was soon returned to its minority status but kept its majorityite name. The majority faction, for some reason, accepted the name Mensheviks, which meant minorityites. In March 1918, at the Bolsheviks' Seventh Party Congress, they adopted the name Communist.

Please note: Prior to the October Revolution there was another socialist political party named "Socialist Revolutionaries." Although this question specifically refers to "socialist revolutionaries," it is obvious that it actually contemplates the Bolshevik Party, since the Bolshevik Party changed its name to the Communist Party in March 1918. The Socialist Revolutionaries, as a party disappeared when the Bolsheviks abolished all political parties but their own.
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