What nation does not have English as a national language - England Australia Peru or Canada?

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Peru as its official language is spanish. however England only speaks English as a defacto language so there fore it is not statury official language in England however as most people speak English in ~England it is recognised as the offical language. however technicly the only country on the list to have English as an offical language is Cannada (along with french as a defacto language) which is to make written documents official by making them English as standard Not true
Peru is the answer
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Is the national language of Canada french?

There are French speaking people and English speaking people in Canada, so most street signs there are printed in French, and English. Answer: Yes, in part. Actually, Cana
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National game or sport of England and Canada?

England has invented many games that have become internationalsports. Rugby, Tennis's, Football, Hockey, Bowls, Croquet andCricket are some. It would be difficult to pick just