What natural remedies are there for pain relief?

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  • It depends on what kind of pain--for instance: arnica for muscles and trauma, ginger for inflammation, oregano for infection, lecithin for sciatica,etc. You would need to be more specific about the pain for a more specific answers.

  • There are number of natural supplements which are extremely effective at relieving pain naturally. You can find these at your local health food stores or online.

  • In my experience, a TENS machine (you can buy them for home use and and they are about the size of a mobile 'phone) can provide effective natural pain relief for some people. Of course first check with you own physician/general practitioner to ascertain the cause of the pain.
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Natural pain relief for gout?

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Is chewing bark from a tree a natural pain relief?

I don't think so... but it is found that the chewing bark is very much nutritious and full of proteins. If you want to relief pain naturally i prefer to visit pain therapist.

What are some natural home remedies for pain management?

Home remedies for pain management very widely. Depending on the pain you are suffering from to the people you talk to. For head aches some rub potato halves on their foreheads

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Home Remedies for Back Pain: Garlic as a treatment for back pain Garlic is the oldest and the most effective remedy for back pain.In fact, it is the only remedy which can

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Several home style remedies would include: dissolving baking soda in water and eating it, eating some bananas, drink Camille tea, having meal that include ginger, or alternati

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Magnesium and riboflavin are commonly used as natural remedies for migraines. Another great suggestion is to eat foods that are high in omega 3's if you are opposed to taking

What are some natural remedies for arthritis pain relief?

There are many natural remedies for relieving arthritis pain. Always consult a doctor before attempting a change in arthritis care. Warmth is a big help with joint pain. Warm

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Over the years many people have come up with natural remedies for stomach pain. Some of these include drinking tea with honey, or squeezing lemon into a cup of water.

What are some natural pain relief methods?

Pain caused by inflammation can be treated with anti-inflammatory methods, such as omega-3 fatty acids. Such acids are commonly found in wild-caught fatty fish like salmon.