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What NBA arena is the loudest?

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According to actual NBA players, it's the Energy Solutions Arena (formerly the Delta Center) where the Utah Jazz play.
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What team has the largest arena in the NBA?

Answer   The largest arenas in order (according to maximum capacity)...   Palace of Auburn Hills, Auburn Hills 22,076 United Center, Chicago 21,711 Wachovia (forme

What are the shared NBA and NHL arenas?

Staples Center: LA Lakers & Clippers (NBA), LA Kings (NHL);American Airlines Center: Dallas Mavericks (NBA) , Dallas Stars(NHL); Wells Fargo Center: Philadelphia 76ers (NBA),

How did Gilbert Arenas get in the NBA?

Gilbert played two seasons of college basketball at the University of Arizona before declaring for the NBA Draft in 2001. He was a 1st round selection of the Golden State Warr