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What needle should you use to colour tribal tattoos?

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This is totally dependent on the size of the piece that you are doing, the bigger the piece, the bigger the needle set. Typically, I like to fill tribal with a round shader as opposed to a mag. In my opinion you get a tighter grouping without having to really work at it, and for the most part, I hit the edges usually with a 15RS, and then will switch over to a 25RS for the middle fill. Most artists, including myself, will have a machine set up solely for tribal. Having a machine set up for a nice long stroke will give you the optimal results for tribal rather than trying to do it with a typical machine set up for general shade.
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if u dont know this then dont even pick up a tattoo gun but ohwell its ur body so %^&* it well you see the round needles are made foor outlining a tattoo ohhh and use outlinin

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