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What needs to be done to a 96 Voyager SE 3.3 V6 if the diagnostic code is P0403 EGR solenoid circuit short or open?

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Hey John==On the intake close to the EGR there is a solonoid that has wires and vac lines going to it. Make sure the wires are connected and not shorted. GoodluckJoe
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Where is the egr valve on a 1996 Pontiac grand am se v6?

if youre looking at the engine with the hood up the egr valve is going to be on your right side about two inches from the exhaust headers.

What is the difference between the bwd egr valve egr 1589 and egr 1582 im asking because i need to replace the valve on my grand caravan se 2005........ 3.3 l 6v engine?

The was a mid-year modificatiion that required a change in the EGR  Valve. EGR1582 is for vehicles with engine option code XZZ. EGR1589  is for all other engine options. The

What are the approximation of open circuit and short circuit test of transformer?

A short-circuit test is done to determine the power lost in the  resistance of the primary and secondary windings of the  transformer. It is done at full load current but wi

What is the coolant capacity of a '99 Plymouth Voyager 201 3.3 V6?

  Answer     Don't know the coolant capacity for your specific model year. I have a 1990 Grand Voyager 3.3L. The coolant capacity as specified in my owner manua

What is open and short circuit?

Consider two points (A and B) in an electric circuit. An open circuit between A and B means there is no electrical connection between A and B. A short circuit between A and B

What is the diagnostic code P1684 on a 2003 Dodge Grand Caravan 3.3 liter engine?

  From what I've found, the P1684 Code means that the ECU has lost voltage within the last 50 starts. This could be from disconnecting the battery, a loose or corroded con

What is the Purpose of open circuit and short circuit tests?

In tranformer it is used to find out the losses and efficiancy of it , by using the oc test the constant losses (hysterisis loss,windage loss) can be obtained. And by using th

Where is the EGR valve on an '89 Voyager 3.0 V6?

EGR valve is on the back of the engine by the firewall. take off the air cleaner completely and then look down the back of the engine and you will see a round object with an e

How do you change the EGR solenoid in a 95 Olds Achieva 3.1 V6?

There really is no "EGR solenoid" as such. The EGR valve is a digital electronically-operated assembly consisting of three motors ("solenoids") and three needle valves. It is