What new program exist to protect Windows operating systems such as vista?

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Having an antivirus is the main way to protect computers, but by default Windows has Microsoft Essentials and Windows Genuine Validation.
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Will Civilization 4 play on the new Vista operating system and if not what do you need?

I can for sure tell it did not work for me. My HP laptop with Vista was two days old, but collapsed completely and was dead for a long time. I thought everything was over, but one technician took out the battery and started the computer. It turned out that the battery was completely dead. Before I tried Civ it was 100%. Anybody who can tell me why Vista gave this respons? New info (as of 8-21-07): I bought a Sony Vaio laptop with vista 32 bit. After tons of struggling and reading online forums and FAQs, I finally decided to go to Microsoft's website and give them a piece of my mind. While there, I discovered another way to install games from XP days. You have to let the machine do the work for you instead of trying to be smart and configuring everything manually. Go to Start, Control Panel, Programs, and "Use and older program with this version of Windows." It'll come up with a program compatibility screen and take you through all the steps you can do manually (i.e. set the compatibility mode, run as administrator, etc.). It worked. No clue why, it just did. So do that. . there are ways to get the game to run on Windows Vista .. I called take2 support and this was their response. It worked for me and it is easy.. Take 2: Please try the following. To run the game in Windows NT Compatability mode.. - right click on the shortcut for the game - left click on properties - click on the Compatability tab - tick the box called "Run this program in compatability mode for" - select Windows NT - click on apply - click on ok. Run the game again

Why Microsoft window vista client is the best operating system for a lan network environment?

I wouldn't say that now being honest. Alot of people will say that Linux is far better for a network. But sticking with Microsoft I think XP is far better for networks than vista. Vista I find can be tempremental when it comes to networks.

What other operating systems exist besides Windows?

For personal use the big ones are Windows and Leopard for MacOS (Apple computers). There are a number of Linux flavors which exist. Another OS is ReactOS. That is a free, open source clone of Windows, though it has a long ways to go. There's a full list of Operating Systems on Wikipedia. Search "list of current operating systems"

Can windows 98 programs be used on a windows vista operating system?

Maybe, but expect many problems even if they appear to work as vista has compatibility problems from the get go with pretty much 2/3 of all known applications, software and appliances (cameras, etc).

Which is the best operating system between Windows XP and Windows Vista?

XP and Vista are different, each with strengths and weaknesses, so it is difficult to label one as "better", although many would answer based on personal preferences, and for most people that would still be XP. In reality, the best choice between XP and Vista depends on where and how it will be used, due to the following differences: Vista has higher system requirements than XP. While XP may run acceptably on a computer with 256 MB of RAM, a five-year-old processor, and a low-end video graphics, Vista requires a good processor, a good video card, and at very least 1 GB of RAM. Basically, only a good, new computer pre-installed with Vista will do a good job of supporting Vista, while you can run XP on more hardware. Vista has newer software technologies than XP, which is both good and bad. The good is that its DirectX 10 3D graphics, some bundled software, the media center, the sidebar, system tools, and other aspects of the operating system are more advanced. The bad is that there are many more bugs in Vista than in XP and that some hardware and software will not work in Vista. XP is an older system, so it has become quite stable over time, it works with just about all hardware and software, and it can do anything you need it to do. Even if Vista comes with some special tools, 3rd party software can take care of that for XP. So for example. If you have a one-year-old computer with onboard graphics and 512 GB RAM, XP is better. If you buy a new, highish-end computer with Vista pre-installed, you have a choice of replacing Vista with XP. If you want to take advantages of the new aspects of Vista, like if you want to play 3D video games with the most realistic graphics or if you really like the Flip-3D feature, you can keep it and hope you don't run into any issue that destroys your hard drive and all your precious files, and you can hope that any minor bugs won't be too annoying, or you can get a replacement CD for the slightly less-exciting XP and know that everything will be fine.

Why is vista not a good operating system?

It requires powerful computer, and it's not compatible with many good products. Visit Microsoft.com to check compability of your favourite programs.

Should you use AOL mail or windows mail with Vista operating system?

You should use anything apart from AOL, As AOL has been know for charging people extra money and they don't cancel you when you ask to, Therefor you get charged £200

What are the Windows Vista system requirements?

The full system requirements for all editions of Windows Vista can be found at the enclosed link. On their website, Microsoft also offers a free download of their Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor, a program that will analyze your particular PC to see which version of Vista will run best on your system..

How do you install two operating systems on one hard disk Windows XP and Vista?

You need to partition the disk. You can then have any OS you wish and boot to the one of your choice.

Windows xp as your operating system and changed to windows vista now you cannot get internet access what do you do?

you probably lost your drivers for your internet adapter. go to your device manger and check to see if there's a problem and if so reinstall driver's from install disk- if you don't have the install disk then truy using a windows xp OS install disk and ask windows to update driver's for network adapter.

What does Vista in the operating system Windows Vista mean?

Vista is Italian for "view" or "see." For example, "Asta la vista, baby!" means "See you later, baby!". Solution: Windows vista means operating system it is upgraded version of windows xp. development by microsoft.

How do you run an old PC with no Operating System on a network boot from a Vista system EDIT2 I wish to access the programs from the vista system?

You will need some way to network these machines first. I'd recommend a simple 4 port switch. To keep things simple, just put Linux onto the old computer. Go back to your vista machine and enable file and printer sharing. Go back to the Linux machine and locate the drive. As a side note about a similar situation. About 2 years back I had one good high end machine and a very crap laptop. I configured a new wlan and pretty much for about a year, I walked bout the house with the laptop remotely logged into the good computer. All the functionality of a laptop and all the power of top range PC. One or two small hicups but nothing you cant get over. You could have a similar setup.

How do you format windows vista when an error keep coming up that keeps saying can not format this volume of windows you are using this operating system?

You cannot format the drive / partition that Windows Vista is currently running on while it is running. You will need to boot from either a partition utility disc, such as GParted, or the install disc of the operating system you want to install, and format the drive from there.

Is the BIOS the operating System for Windows Vista?

Hell no. the bios sits under the operating system (vista is an operating system) the bios is independent of operating systems, and is there to....run the operating system.

What is one of the main differences between Windows Vista and earlier versions of the Windows operating system?

Windows Vista has a number of significant differences from earlier Windows operating systems but probably the most significant is the graphical appearance. It's theme can be described as glassy with transparent glossy frames around windows which you can tint different colors in the Control Panel.. It also comes with some new applications such as Windows DVD maker as well as a number of new games and updated applications that were in previous versions of Windows.. Due to the improved appearance, it also runs slower than past versions of Windows and has some compatibility issues with certain software and device drivers. However, if you are buying a new computer and don't have alot of old software and devices you want to use with it, you probably won't have a significant problem with either of these issues.

How do you install both windows xp and windows vista home premium operating system on a desktop?

To do that, you need to create two separate partitions on your hard drive and choose a free partition during the OS installations.

Discuss in detail the process management memory management io and file management and security and protection in windows vista operating system?

Each process in Windows Vista operating systemcontains its own independent virtual address space with both code and data, protected from otherprocesses. Each process, in turn, contains one or more independently executing threads. A threadrunning within a process can create new threads, create new independent processes, and managecommunication and synchronization between the objects. By creating and managing processes,applications canhave multiple, concurrent tasks processingfiles, performing computations, or communicating withother networked systems. It is even possible to exploit multiple processors to speedprocessing. The following sections explain the basics ofprocess management and also introduce the basic synchronization operations. • Job: collection of processes that sharequotas and limits • Process: container for holding resources • Thread: Entity scheduled by the kernel • Fiber: Lightweight thread managed entirelyin user space. Interprocess Communication Threads can communicate in many waysincluding: pipes, named pipes, mailslots, sockets, remote procedure calls, and shared files Semaphore A semaphore is created using function'CreateSemaphore' API function. As Semaphores are kernel objects and thus have security descriptors andhandles. The handle for a semaphore can be duplicated and as a result multiple process can besynchronised on the same semaphore. Calls for up (ReleaseSemaphore) and down(WaitForSingleObject) arepresent. A calling thread can bereleased eventually using WaitForSingleObject, even ifthe semaphore remains at 0. Mutexes Mutexes are kernel objects used forsynchronization and are simpler than semaphores as they do not have counters. They are locks, with APIfunctions for locking (WaitForSingleObject) and unlocking (releaseMutex). Like Semaphores, mutex handlescan beduplicated. Critical Sections or Critical Regions This is the third synchronization mechanismwhich is similar to mutexes. It is pertinent to note that Critical Section are not kernel objects, theydo not have handles or security descriptors and cannot be passed between the processes. Locking andunlockingis done using EnterCriticalSection and LeaveCriticalSection, respectively. As theseAPI functions are performed initially in user space and only make kernel calls when blocking is needed,they are faster than mutexes. Events This synchronization mechanism uses kernelobjects called events, which are of two types: manual-reset events and auto-reset events. The number ofWin32 APIcalls dealing with processes, threads, and fibres is nearly 100. Windows Vistaknows nothingabout fibres and fibres are implemented in user space. As a result, the CreateFibre call does its workentirely in user space without making 12-13 system calls. Scheduling There is no central schedulingthread in Windows Vistaoperating system. But when a thread cannot run any more, the thread moves tokernel mode and runs the scheduler itself to see which thread to switch to and the concurrencycontrol is reached through the following conditions • Thread blocks on a semaphore, mutex, event,I/O, etc.: In this situation the thread is already running in kernel mode to carry out the operation on thedispatcher or I/O object. It cannot possibly continue, so it must save its own context, run the schedulerto pickits successor, and load that threat's context to start it. • It signals an object - In this situation,thread is running in kernel mode and after signaling someobject it can continue as signaling an object neverblocks.Thread runs the scheduler to verify if the result of its action has created a higher priority thread.If so, a thread switch occurs because Windows Vistais fully pre-emptive. • The running thread's quantum expires: Inthis case, a trap to kernel mode occurs, thread executes the scheduler to see who runs next. The samethread may beselected again and gets a new quantum and continue running, else a thread switch takesplace. MEMORY MANAGEMENT Windows Vistaconsists of an advanced virtualmemory management system. It provides a number of Win32 functions for using it and part of theexecutives and six dedicated kernel threads for managing it. In Windows 2000, each user process has its ownvirtualaddress space, which is 32 bit long (or 4 GB of virtual address space). The lower 2 GB minusapprox 256MB are reserved for process's code and data; the upper 2 GB map onto to kernel memory in aprotected way. The virtual address space is demand paged with fixed pages size. INPUT/OUTPUT IN WINDOWS VISTA The goal of the Windows VistaI/O system is toprovide a framework for efficiently handle various I/O devices. These includes keyboards, mice, touchpads,joysticks, scanners, still cameras, television cameras, bar code readers, microphones,monitors, printers, plotters, beamers, CD-records, sound cards, clocks, networks, telephones, andcamcorders. FILE SYSTEM MANAGEMENT Windows Vistasupports several file systemslike FAT-16, FAT-32, and NTFS. Windows Vistaalso supports read-only file systems for CD-ROMs and DVDs.It is possible to have access to multiple file system types on the same running system. New Technology File System (NTFS) NTFS stands for New Technology File System.Microsoft created NTFS to compensate for the features it felt FAT was lacking. These features includeincreased fault tolerance and enhanced security. Individual File names in NTFS are limited to 255characters; full paths are limited to 32,767 characters. Files arein Unicode. But Win32 API does not fully supportcase-sensitivity for file names. NTFS consists of multiple attributes, each of which is represented by astream of bytes Security NTFS has many security options. You can grantvarious permissions to directories and to individual files. These permissions protect files anddirectories locallyand remotely. NT operating system wasdesigned to meet the U.S. Department of Defense's C2(the orange book security requirements). Windows Vista was not designed for C2 compliance, but itinherits many security properties from NT, including the following: (1) secure login with anti-spoofingmechanism, (2) Discretionary access controls, (3) Privileged access controls, (4) Address space protectionper process, (5) New pages must be zeroed before being mapped in, (6) security auditing File Compression Another advantage to NTFS is native supportfor file compression. The NTFS compression offers you the chance to compress individual files andfolders of your choice.

Where is the system tray in Windows Vista?

As of Windows XP, it is no longer called the System Tray. Instead, it is referred to as the "Notification Area." It is located in the same place it has always been - when the task bar is in its default location, it is on the right side of the task bar, immediately to the left of the clock.

Your computer operates on windows vista Can you run a program that says to use windows XP or higher?

Yes. The software needs to be able to use the commands and files that are available in Windows XP. Windows Vista will have these available as well as other files and commands that have been developed since Windows XP was released.. However, do not confuse this with device drivers. If you have a piece of hardware that specifies that the drivers are for Windows XP, these will not necessarily work under Windows Vista and you will need to download the correct drivers from the manufacturer's website.

What is UAC in Vista Operating Systems?

UAC is the User Account Control. That is an added security measure to prevent certain manipulations to the system. That would include messing with the system root or the program files, adding or removing programs, installing drivers, installing ActiveX controls, adding or removing user accounts, configuring Windows Update, running programs with Administrator privileges, changing another users files, defragging the drive, etc. It is a way to temporarily grant Administrator privileges without having those privileges available all the time. That way, malware cannot do those things.

You have Vista home 64 bit as operating system and it does not support C programming What should you do.?

A program in C usually compiles to a regular .exe on Windows, so Windows Vista Home 64 bit (or any other Windows system, for that matter) should run a program written in C just fine. The thing is that you shouldn't count on Windows having a C *compiler* installed by default (unlike Linux or Mac which typically come with gcc pre-installed), so you won't be able to compile C source code on your machine unless you install a compiler separately. The difference between source code and a compiled .exe is that source code is human-readable and editable in any simple text editor like Notepad, while a compiled .exe looks like gibberish in a text editor. If in doubt as to whether a C program file on your computer is source code or not, you can check the extension (C source files usually end in ".c"; compiled C files often end in ".exe", or more generally just something that's not ".c") or try to open it in Notepad. There are a variety of C compilers available for Windows Vista, such as Bloodshed (http://www.bloodshed.net/devcpp.html) and MinGW (http://www.mingw.org/). I think this means that your TurboC isn't working properly. Use something newer!

Where on your computer do you find what your computers operating system is example windows xp or windows vista?

Right-click on "My Computer" and select "Properties". You should see it at the bottom of the window it opened.

What does the program Bonjour do in Windows Vista?

It is a piece of Apple Software which is installed silently when you install sofware like iTunes, Safari, Quicktime 7.

What is it referred to when you install Windows Vista on a computer running an earlier operating system?

\nIt's called a "Dual-Boot" installation. When you start your computer, you will be asked to choose which operating system you want to use.

How to Uninstall a program on Windows Vista?

Go to control panel, and then click program and features. Double click the program you don't want and it will appear with a window to uninstall. Hope that helps

Is an operating system a program that protects your email and files and downloads against harmful software?

No. An operating system adds a interface and menu to a computer to make it easier to use, so you don't have to only look at command line. A virus scanner/antivirus protects you from harmful software. Some examples of antivirus software includes: AVG Avast! Mcafee Norton

How can I change Vista operating system to Windows Xp?

You know what is sad? Not people like you that asking how to do something as stupid as this but the people that actually providing the help on how to do it!. BSOD is right there is nothing wrong with yahoo messenger on Vista and this is definitely not a reason to do something as stupid as this.Provide the error message or what happens when you trying to install yahoo to get help. @CEN....if someone ask you some ways he can kill himself I guess you have to provide help on what he is asking since he made his decision! Your job as an "expert" is to illuminate confused people like the one in this question. reference link: http://bit.ly/92SXJZ

How do you password protect a file in Windows Vista?

You must first compress the files as a .ZIP file. When you compress the file, under the security tab, you can password protect it.

When using the Vista or Windows 7 operating system which option allows you to create a New Folder?

Right click on the desktop with either your mouse or touchpad and select create a new folder.

Is the apple operating system compatible with Windows Vista?

The Mac OS (Apples's operating system) and Windows are two separate operating systems. Neither runs on top of the other, technically. However, there are emulators, both hardwired as well as software-based so that the Mac can run Windows software. Generally, you have to partition your hard drive on the Mac to accommodate both the Mac OS and the emulated Windows environments, then re-boot to exit the current operating system and enter the other. You would have to check with the current emulation hardware and/or software specs out there to know for certain which Windows versions (i.e. XP, Vista, 7, etc.) are currently supported. You could either contact Apple directly (which almost always requires $), pick up a catalog, or do a search online for "Mac Software AND Hardware" to see what's available. Google is your friend, in this instance. Just remember to click on the "Shopping" link at the top of the page before you enter your search criteria or your search will yield countless web articles that are probably more than you're willing to read. Happy surfing!

Why is window vista the best computer operating system for insurance companies?

Vista is not the best operation system. Windows 7 is faster and technically superior, Windows XP is stable and mature and unix/linux is more secure.

Can you have two operating systems loaded on your PC at the same time such as vista and windows 7?

YES. It is called a dual-boot. You will need to allow enough hard drive space and keep in mind that you can't run them at the same time unless you are running one in a virtual machine.

Is Vista or Windows 7 a better operating system for laptops?

Windows 7 will be the best choice for a laptop computer. Vista is the older Microsoft operating system, and has more bugs and unsupported features built in.

Is windows photo gallery a feature of the Windows Vista operating system?

Yes. Windows Vista has the windows photo gallery in their basic program. It is a very easy system to use and very organized. You will never miss place a photo on your computer again.

Why do people still use windows xp Windows XP is too old of an operating system except for before Windows Vista was released.?

Vista was and is a disappointment as an operating system. Many, many people refused to buy Vista, to the point that many computer manufacturers started selling their machines with XP again, with Vista as an option.

Is the operating system windows 7 new?

Well it was new about 2-3 years ago, but now or what you call 2012 the newest operating system for microsoft is 2010.

How can you kill a hang program when using a windows operating system?

To kill a hanged/unresponsive program: . Go to Task Manager. (Press CTRL+ALT+DEL.) . Find out the unresponsive program from Applications tab. . Right click on it and select Go to process. . Now right click again and select End Process.

Is Windows Vista an operating system?


When was the Windows Vista system introduced?

The Window Vista System was introduced on January 30, of 2007, 6 years ago.The developer is Microsoft Corporation.

What are some common complaints about the Windows Vista operating system?

Windows Vista is an old operating system, as such it is slow, eats up a lot of memory and is bound to crash.

What operating system did Windows Vista replace?

Windows Vista was technically the replacement for Windows Xp. However, it was so unpopular that many users simply waited for the release of Windows 7 to upgrade.

Where can one find downloads for the Windows Vista operating system?

The Windows Vista OS can be downloaded from the Microsoft website and placed onto a writable disk or flashdrive, provided the user is in possession of a valid product ID or proof of purchase. Most other locations, including many sites that host the OS as a torrent file, are illegally distributing the system.

Where can one find reviews about Windows Vista operating system?

Windows Vista reviews can be found on Ciao, DooYoo and Reevoo review sites. They can also be found reading on forums such as AVForum and Money Saving Expert.

What were the main faults with Microsoft's Windows Vista operating system?

According to information that has been found there are a number of faults with Micfosoft's Windows Vista operating system. Some of the issues that received criticism are performance, privacy, security, driver support and product activation.

What similar programs to GarageBand are available for the Windows operating system?

As implied above, the GarageBand application is available only for iOS users. For PC users, TrackAx and Acoustica Mixcraft are reliable alternatives that interested individuals should consider.

What are some of the negative comments made about the Windows Vista operating system?

Many websites have articles that tell the reader some of the negative comments made against the Windows Vista OS. The criticisms have to do with security, privacy and performance, to name a few.

What year was Windows Vista the most popular downloaded operating system?

Windows Vista was the most popular downloaded operating system in the years 2007 and 2008 before Windows 7 was released in 2009. Vista had followed XP.

Will your current programs such as MS Office work on a new operating system like Windows 8?

Yes. Most of the programs which work on Windows 7 will work onWindows 8. Jus you have to take care of 32 bit or 64 bit programs.

Which programming language used to design the Windows 8 operating system?

The bulk of Windows 8 is either the same or modified code used in previous versions of Windows, which were primarily developed in C/C++. Virtually all Microsoft software is developed in C++ although C# and .NET (or dotNET) are also used for the less critical applications software.

Did bill gates do the programming for the windows operating system?

Possibly he did part of it, but by that time he had a company (Microsoft) with many programers. Gary Kildall was the first person to create an operating system for the computers which was separate from the hardware. He was a PhD in computers and he named his system CP/M. The first versions of Windows were based on a system which was invented or designed by Tim Paterson. He named his system QDOS. Microsoft, a company founded by Bill Gates and his school friend Paul Allen in 1975 improved on it. It is a myth that Bill Gates invented Windows. He only founded the company which designed a more user friendly computer operating system called 'Windows' It is said that there was an oral agreement between the IBM (one of world leading companies in computers) and Gary Kildall but G. Kildall never benefited much, monetarily, from his invention. He died in 1996 and never got the credit he deserved for his invention.