What new technology is there?

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This question is pretty broad, and depends of what comes to your mind when you think about technology. Is it a high-tech computer? Well, Intel is trying to develop (or may have already developed) an eight-core processor. Is it a spaceship? NASA is created a prototype of the spaceship that will land on Mars. Is it a brand-new airplane? Boeing is trying to create a more fuel-efficient airplane, the Boeing 787.

Technology is being constantly recreated. If you want to keep up with the technology, you might want to try the technology sections of Digg, Technoari, StumbleUpon, or Reddit, where the latest technology news on the web may be found.
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There are various new technologies to repair your HDD,Floppy DiskDrive,Laptop and MAC computers, http://www.manchester-datarecovery.co.uk/

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It gives younger brains another exercise; something to improve their brains; something that can be important if you want to take a carrer in technology or something. :)

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