What new technology was used in World War 2?

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There were many:
  • The Blitzkrieg tactical warfare (lighting war)
  • Radar, and it's underwater cousin, sonar, had a significant impact in countless military battles. Radar was developed primarily by the British, and was instrumental in winning the Battle Of Britain.
  • The Germans developed rocket propulsion that made the first ever long range missles possible. Nicknamed Doodlebugs by the British, these were launched from Germany and flew deep into England before detonating. Fortunately guidance systems were not yet developed so they randomly fell in areas that sometimes produced casualties and sometimes did not. *NOTE* The Doodlebug, a.k.a. buzz bomb, was one of Hitler's last ( I like to call them) vengeance weapons. It was a 2,000 Lbs. bomb with a mere range of about 500 miles. They were "guided" by programming the simple 4-bit computer on board to cause the missile to dive after a certain number of rotations of the propeller on front. These were amazingly accurate (to the nearest 1 1/2 mile) considering they were firing blind. The first considered successful attack occurred against London on June, 13 1944. *NOTE* (NOT really long range) NOTE: Rocket propulsion was indeed developed and refined during WWII, but it had nothing whatsoever to do with the "Doodlebug," or Buzz Bomb" or V-1 flying bomb. The V-1 was more like a cruise missile, flying at sub-sonic speeds, and using a pulse-jet engine for power. The nickname "Buzz Bomb" came from the odd sound its pulse-jet motor made. The V-1 was often launched using a small rocket engine mounted on its belly, but it was NOT a rocket and did NOT use rocket power to reach its target. It actually flew level for most of its flight, and slow enough for piston-driven fighters to intercept it and kill it.
  • Jet engines. The Germans were the first to produce a jet fighter, but it came too late in the war to have any strategic impact. The jet engine was first invented and patented by the british engineer sir Frank Whittle but at the same time Dr. Hans von Ohain developed the first jet plane but it was rushed so the design had some flaws. The British produced the first the first jet but the Germans got their Me262 into squadron service about 10 days before the RAF got the meteor. Both plane's jet engines were derived directly from Frank Whittles patented design.
  • The Norden Bombsight. Developed by the U.S., it was instrumental in improving the accuracy of bombing in Germany.
  • The Proximity Fuse. Developed by Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab in the U.S., it was used as an anti-personnel weapon in the Battle of the Bulge, and against Kamikazi bombers in the Pacific.
  • The Atomic Bomb. Little Boy and Fat Man were probably the most significant new technology used in the war. The threat of nuclear weapons was unleashed on mankind as a result of this wartime development especially in the upcoming cold war.
  • Computers and Code Breaking. The British used Collosus, the first electronic computer, to help break codes. Alan Turing, British mathematician and cryptanalyst, changed the course of the Second World War, and created the foundation for the modern computer. It also played a part in the U.S. victory at Midway in the Pacific, preventing the Japanese from achieving what would have been a devastating blow to the U.S. Navy in the Pacific.
  • Aircraft carriers replaced battleships as the centerpiece of naval warfare doctrine. The Americans had lots of battleships in WWII, but used them mostly as floating anti-aircraft platforms. Some say the aircraft carrier was responsible for the defeat of the Japanese.
  • The Germans developed a rubber coating (Albrecht - I am probably spelling it wrong) for their U-boats. It had multiple purposes, but its main purpose was to try and absorb radar waves so the U-boats would be more stealthy and less visible to Allied radar. The coating also, to a lesser extent, made the U-boats quieter when underwater so that Allied ships listening for underwater sounds were less likely to hear the sounds of their onboard machinery etc.
  • Amphibious Landing Vehicles, the landing craft developed in the lead up to D-Day.
  • The biggest difference in weapons from WW1 as compared to WW2 was the use of tanks and aircraft.
  • Nazi Germany invented the first assault rifle the Sturmgehwer or STG-44 Sturm= storm Gehwer=gun= storm gun. Sturm is my last name^^</li>
  • They also mass produced sub machine guns such as the MP40 or Thompson automatic.
  • Plastics and synthetic rubber.
  • Canned foods
  • The Jeep.
  • gas chambers
  • magnetic detonators for sea mines and torpedoes
  • powdered lemonade
  • radio-direction finders
  • FIDO landing strip lights
  • PLUTO oil pipeline from England to France
  • MULBERRY temporary concrete harbours used for landing stores in France following D Day
  • FUNNIES various tank adaptations e.g. CROCODILE tank flamethrower, PETARD heavy explosive charge used against pillboxes, FASCINE material to fill in a ditch so tanks can cross. DD (duplex drive) or swimming tank and others.
  • Cavity magnetron which enabled improved radar to be used on ships and planes and gave us microwave ovens for all our kitchens.

There must have been many more things to come out of the war such as improvements in dyes (huge colour range) and protective clothing.
the Germans developed the ME262 the first jet to enter combat plus tanks had been majorly advanced comparing them to WW1
Radar, jets, rockets, atom bombs
There was a variety of technology available during World War 2. Some of this includes vehicles, ships, artillery, atomic weapons, as well as remote sensing.
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Was there any newer technology used in the Korean War or was it all the same technology from the World War 2?

Answer . There was new technology during the Korean War, such as the introduction of jet planes.. Answer . Jet planes were introduced to the field of air combat in late WWII when the Germans created the ME262a and b versions. This technology was adopted by American and Soviet scientists and i (MORE)

How did technology affect World War 2?

If certain things would not have been invented like the atomic bombthe allies wouldn't have won. or the v-2 rocket that is the samerocket idea that got us to the moon. Actually, the allies would have won anyway. Though catastrophic forhumanity the atomic bombs saved millions in what would have been (MORE)

How did new technologies affect the fighting in World War 2?

industrializations affect on World war II was that they were able to kill people faster and better and easier without haveing to go through so much work. . In terms of which technologies produces a revolutionary affect on warfare in WW2, rather than just provide an incremental improvement in war (MORE)

What new technologies were used in World War I?

New technologies used in World War 1 include: - Planes used in combat; improvements with bombers andforward-mounted guns - Armored tanks - Chemical warfare; chlorine and mustard gas - Bolt-action rifles - Anti-aircraft weapons - Flamethrowers - Dreadnoughts and other battle ships - Experimental diri (MORE)

What new technology was used in World War Two?

One of the prominent new technologies were the use of jet aircraft. More notably the He 280. It didn't see much action as only 9 of these aircraft were built. However it led the way for future revolutionary jet aircraft although similar feats were being made in the UK by British engineer Frank Whit (MORE)

What major new aircraft technology was used in World War 2?

Jet engine airplanes were introduced by Germany at the end of WW2 . There were many technologies developed during WWII. One example is water cooled engines. They maximized efficiency of prop engines. Also the Germans developed swept wings with reduced drag and allowed for higher speeds.

What new naval technology was used in World War 2?

What new naval technology was used in World War 2? The development of the acoustic transducer that converted sound waves to electrical energy enabled rapid advances in SONAR design and technology during the last years of WW1. Although active SONAR was developed too late to be widely used during WWI, (MORE)

What technology was used in World War 1?

Maxim machine gun tanks ships poison gas airplanes U-Boats Trench warfare was the main feature of World War 1 both offensivelyand defensively. However, due to the stalemate it caused, newtechnologies like tanks, flame throwers, chemical gas and airplaneswere introduced. Another novel invent (MORE)

What technology was used during the World War 2?

WW2 introduced a whole range of newer technology. these are some of them Tanks were better armoured, had more powerful weapons and were much faster. The Germans had the advantage at the start of the war with some spectacular tanks such ans the 'Tiger' tank, while Britain and her allies win through w (MORE)

How did world war 2 affect technology?

"Technology" is not a thing, nor even a specific field of study. So, on the face of it, you are asking an unanswerable question, because what you are after can't be defined. A more relaxed view can be taken, in that, like most significant wars of any length, several major fields of study made m (MORE)

What was the best technology used in World War 2?

The Blitzkrieg tactical warfare (lighting war) Radar The Germans developed rocket propulsion that made the first ever long range missiles possible Jet engines. The Germans were the first to produce a jet fighter, but it came too late in the war to have any strategic impact The Atomic B (MORE)

What new weapon was used in World War 2?

Answer . There were a number of new weapons that made their debut in WW2. The jet plane and the liquid fuel rocket appeared. But what is arguably the most famous and certainly the most unique was the atomic bomb . It was (is) a nuclear weapon, and the technology was brand new.There was also the (MORE)

Technology used on d-day World War 2?

The Tecknology used on D-Day is the subject. Well I've read a lot of D-day books so to answer the question, the teck used on D-Day was some Thompsons (semi-auto machine guns), and the famous M1 yah. Used by many of the troops this gun was awsome. Also there was Bazzokas, flamethrowers, regular machi (MORE)

What were the technological advantages in World War 2?

Germany had advantages in cruise missile and missile technology, jet and rocket aircraft, . Britain had advantages in cryptography, radar, funny tanks and all forms of innovation and creativity in warfare. . The USSR had an edge with tanks, propaganda, guerrilla warfare and the Katyousha rocket.\ (MORE)

What were the new technologies of World War 1?

Actually, no. The British invented tanks around 1914; German efforts in tank development did not begin until the British Mark I was first deployed against the Germans in 1916. Back to the original question: I'm going to answer assuming that the question refers to only technologies invented DURING (MORE)

What were the technological developments in World War 2?

The main areas of technology during ww2 was:. Weaponry ; including ships, vehicles, aircraft, artillery, rocketry, small arms, and biological,chemical and atomic weapons. . Logistical Support ; including vehicles necessary for transporting soldiers and supplies, such as trains, trucks, and aircraf (MORE)

What were new technologies used in World War I?

I think in World War 1 some of the new technology was the first tanks which were nothing compared to the standard of the tanks today and also planes were invented but they weren't used primarily for fighting some other things such as these below were first used too: Machine guns Poison gas (H (MORE)

What new technology and weapons was used in World War 1?

There were many things like machine guns and Artillary, which are giant cannons. Also there was gas grenades. There were planes,artillery,flamethrowers,machineguns,chlorine and mustard gas shells which would choke your lungs in 5 minutes, submarines, and that is about all i can name. Also, a less kn (MORE)

What was some new technology used in World War 1?

gas was used as a weapon that choked and blinded the enemy. also, airplanes were beginning to be used. artillery, tanks, rifles, and machine guns were weapons used, but I'm not positive if they were new.

What new technology was used in the Revolutionary war?

The majority of the technology used to fight the Revolutionary War was not new, but it still worked well. Mortars and cannons were common weapons, as were muskets. But one interesting new piece of technology was the first submarine. Called the "American Turtle" and invented by David Bushnell, this i (MORE)

What were the new equipment used in World War 2?

There was a lot of new pieces of equipment used for the first time in world war two.. Some were developed before the war and used for the first time in a war; and others were developed and used during the war.. Here are a few of them:. Ballistic Missiles (German V-2), Cruise Missiles (German V-1) (MORE)

What New technology that was used in World War 1?

WWI was the beginning of the naval battle between England and Germany and who could get the best battle fleets. \n. Germany was producing large amounts of high tech battle cruisers whereas England produced fewer yet more advanced models. \n. WWII the USA introduced the Aircraft carrier which to da (MORE)

Was radar technology from World War 2?

Radar technology had been around before world war 2 if I'm correct. It probably wasn't heavily used as it is today or in ww2. WW2 saw a great improvement on radar; radar saved England during WW2 because they could detect German planes before they got even close to land.

What impact did World War 2 have on technology?

Quite a bit actually, with the wartime developement of material from planes to ships to tanks. All these were created for the war, its the war that sparked the mass production of material, thus causing a "trend" in creating the better equiptment. New planes meant to shoot down fighters didnt lose pu (MORE)

What technology used during world war 1 was not new?

The idea of trench warfare was not new, but was taken to its extreme. The basic firearms were still present (pistol, rifle, machine guns, and cannon) but had more advanced versions, such as the 1911 Colt semi-automatic pistol, the M-1 rifle, the Browning Automatic Rifle and the Thompson submachine g (MORE)

What new technology did America use in World War 1?

well, the first use of the tank was used by Americans, whereas they had lees than 100 tanks ww1 was the first time American soldiers were given an IQ test the first x-rays were used and the first blod bank was established! there's a lot more, this video should help you . See related link for (MORE)

What technology were used in world war 1?

-First widespread use of machine guns. -First widespread use of gas agents, including: Chlorine gas, Phosgene and mustard gas. Nerve gasses were not used until the 1930's. Deployed mostly by shell and big canisters. -First widespread use of effective indirect artillery fire (fire outside of the (MORE)

What were new technologies in War World II?

Here are some of the new technologies in World War 2: . RADAR and the equipment used and the word Blip and R.A.D.A.R. . Radar on ships and planes . Newer radios mobile telephones . The Enigma Code Machines . New Medical Methods, improved methods of blood typing, and collection of blood pro (MORE)

How did new technologies make world war 2 a war rapid movement?

The first world war was a war of static emplacements. (trenches) WWII was a war with easy motorised movement of Tanks Trucks, Aircraft and supplies. This meant that rather than a fight that could not move the war was very fast and far moving. Romell and Montgomery moving massive formations of tanks (MORE)

How did the development of new technology affect world war 2?

RADAR and many other new technologies helped to defeat the Japanese and Germans because they did not have as sophisticated equipment of the same items as the Allied Forces had. The Atomic Bomb technology caused the Allied Forces to win in the Pacific.

How did World War 2 improve technology?

During WW II it was quite well known that the most important element of military power was the superiority of military equipment. Soldiers with better equipment have an overwhelming advantage over those with inferior equipment. Military technology is the key to winning wars. This was seen from th (MORE)

How did new technology affect the conduct and outcome of World War 2?

It allowed new tactics to be invented and used in battle. Soldiers stayed alive longer and used less ammunition. Planes while going faster also took less lethal shots instead only damaging the enemy aircraft. Night time bombings became frequent and civilians became targets. Technology allowed new ta (MORE)

What were the new technology used in the civil war?

Iron Clads were a technology invented. It was basically 2 boats made out of iron sides. the cnfederacy had a woden boat and just plated it with them while the union's Merrimak was completely made ut of iron. The also created better guns and an explsive called a grapeshot, i think...

What technology did they use in World War 2?

Various technologies were used during World War 2 such as: . Guns . Tanks . Submarines . Radio Communication . Planes . Ships . Bombs . Missiles (prototpyes) Their is many many more list of technologies used in WW2, justthink about the military uses today and it like that but lesshigh-tech (MORE)

Where was the new technology made in World War I?

Inventions of World War 1 . The Invention of the Machine Gun . The Invention of the Armored Tank . The Invention of the Biplane . The Invention of the Self Loading Rifle . The Invention of the Flamethrower . The Invention of Chemical Warfare . The Invention of Tracer Bullets . The Invention (MORE)