What noises does the fur seal make?

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What is the difference between a seal and a fur-seal?

a fur seal is a type of seal.. Fur seals are any of nine species of pinnipeds in the Otariidae family. The true seals or earless seals are one of the three main groups of ma

How fast does fur seals swim?

they can dive 5000ft (1524 meter) under the sea for 70 min or more does that give you a hint because that is all I know

Why are fur seals hunted for there fur?

All different kinds of seals are hunted for their fur. Seal fur has traditionally been used by many Native American tribes since the beginnings of their civilizations. Today m

Is a navy seal a caped seal or fur seal?

Neither. . Navy SEAL is an acronym, a made-up name for a soldier trained tofight on both SE a, A ir and L and. . And while we do have Service animals, we don't have soldie