What number of days in a week multiplied by the numbers of hours in a day is?

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7 days in a week x 24 hours/ day gives us the number of hours in a week.
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Fifty two the number of days in a year multiplied by seven the number of days in a week is 364 If there are 365 days in a year where did the extra day come from?

The problem with writing a calendar that people can agree on is that natural cycles don't happen in neat and consistent patterns. The day is 24 hours, and the year is 365.26 days long. The lunar cycle is 29.5 days long. The traditional week of seven days is dictated by Judeo-Christian religiou (MORE)

The day of the year with the fewest number of daylight hours?

That completely depends on where you're located on the earth. If you're anywhere north of the equator, your minimum daylight period is December 21. If, in addition to that, you're located anywhere north of the Arctic Circle, your longest period of darkness is centered on December 21, and la (MORE)

Number of hours in one day?

There are 24 hours in a day, 48 in two, 72 in three. All you need to do is add 24 to all the before hours.

What are the minimum number of consecutive hours an employer can work an employee per day?

To have consecutive hours there must be, by definition, at least two. So the minimum would be two. . I believe the correct answer is 4. An employer must pay an employee for a minimum of 4 hours if the employee arrives for their scheduled shift at the correct starting time. If the employer sends the (MORE)

How many hours are there in a 5 day week?

Well, if you know that there are 24 hours in a day. From midnight (12am) to noon (12pm) would be 12 hours, or half a day. Then from noon (12 pm) to midnight (12am) the other half of a day would also be 12 hours. Therefore, a day would have 24 hours. Therefore, to find out how many hours in a 5-da (MORE)

How many weeks and days in 1027 hours?

Days: About 43 days Weeks: About 7 [What I Did] Divided 1027 by 24 to figure out days because 24 hours in 1 day. Then I divided 43 from 7 to get weeks because a week is 7 days.

How many times a day does the number 1 appear on a 24 hour clock?

An hour has 60 min. Assuming the clock has only the hour and minute displayed, every hour 1 would appear at 1, 11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,10,21,31,41,51. Counting 11 as once there are 15 1s in an hour. In the 24 hours, only 0,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,22,23 have no 1 s in them. Therefore 1 aooears 165 times i (MORE)

Is the week is seven days due to the number of stars in the Big Dipper. True or False?

I'm guessing your question is "We have 7 days in a week because there are 7 stars in the big dipper. True or False?" I would say false because I have never heard of that before and I work in a Planetarium. I could be wrong. I might of just never heard of it before for some odd reason. I think it i (MORE)

What is the number of hours in one day of Pluto?

· A day on Pluto is equivalent to Earth's 6 days, 9 hours, and 17 minutes, meaning that it has the second slowest rotation in the Solar System (after Venus, which takes 243 days to turn on its axis).

How the the angle the sunlight reaches the earthimpacts the number of hours of sunlight and the length of the day?

Picture the round Earth. The sunlight hits abut half of the Earth's surface, and that half is in daylight. Now picture somewhere near the arctic circle, where the sun is not hitting it very directly even at it highest point because it's near the edge of the half that is in daylight. Assuming that po (MORE)

What are the number of hours in a day in Genesis?

The number of hours in a day in Genesis is assumed to be 24. However, this is not certain since the bible uses the Hebrew word Yom to mean day. Yom means sunrise to sunset which could be 12 hours. The hours in a day in Genesis can therefore be said to be unspecified.