What old folk song contains the lyrics Oh you dirty little devil does your mother know you're out?

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My dad sings this song all the time but he always stops after the first verse, and refuses to tell us the rest of it. This is all I know..

"Oh you dirty little devil, does your mother know you're out, with a hole in your pants, and a something hanging out"

I've been asking him for years to tell me the rest and he wont budge!

"Oh you dirty little devil;
Does your Mother know you're out;
With a hole in your britches;
And your Mickey sticking out?"

Nana was born in the US, NYC, to parents born in Sicily. Poppy was born in the US, NYC, to parents born in Ireland. They were close in age. Nana and Poppy were my grandparents on my mother's side. The version above is the version my grandmother, daughter of Sicilian immigrants, born 1918 sang.

However, I tend to believe, based on the style of humor, and the reference to "britches" and "Mickey", that the song may have originated on my grandfather's side. Please, Compare this to your own genealogy. I do . If you arrive at an actual answer, please tell me, I'd love to know...

The way my grandfather sang it to me was :
Oh you dirty little Devil, does your Mother know your out?
With your hands in your pockets and your shirt hanging out?
If it a cop came along and he grabbed you by the pants,
Have you ever seen a {insert kids name here} do the hootchie cootchie dance!
Papa was 3rd generation Scots American (born in the 1920s) and said his father sang it to him that way
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