What or Who is Mighty Music Band on The Fresh Beat Band?

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Mighty Music Band is a musical band that The Fresh Beat Band meets in Season 3. My guess is that they are a doppleganger version of The Fresh Beat Band. Not the look-alike type dopplegangers, but they are a band that is similar to The Fresh Beat Band such as personalities, outfits etc. My other guess is that Mighty Music Band members also have names simialr to The Fresh Beat Band. I believe that Mighty Music Band also has 4 band members just like The Fresh Beat Band.
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Where is the fresh beat band filmed?

its a show on nickjr and it is filmed in hollywood. my little sister debbie loves the show and their songs. especially the hit song "here we go", but evryone loves that song!

Who are the actors on the fresh beat band?

Dioni Michelle Collins . played . Melody . • Hadley Fraser . played . Reed . • Jon Beavers . played . Twist . • Shayna Rose . played . Marina

Who is the fresh beat band?

the fresh beat band is a tv show on nickelodean.they have four band members.two girls and two boys.

Who is the leader of the fresh beats band?

If you watch the show, or have seen it, you can tell that there is NO leader on the fresh beat band television show....The only way to find a leader is if you can count who ha