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What order did George Lucas write the Star Wars movies in?

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4, 5, 6, 1, 2, 3. Number 7 and the new Rogue One are both by Disney.
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Was George Lucas in star wars?

5/4/2015: This is an edit by a fan to a previous answer which said  no.    Contrary to the previous answer, George Lucas did play a minor role  on-screen. He played t

What was the first Star Wars movie called?

The first Star Wars movie was simply called Star Wars because George Lucas thought there was little chance for a sequel. After more movies were made, the name was changed to S

Who created Star Wars?

Star Wars was created or directed by George Lucas

Is George Lucas married?

  George Lucas was married with kids, however his wife divorced him while he was working on episode VI of Star Wars

Who invented Star Wars?

George Meredith Lucas created the Star Wars franchise.

What star wars books did George Lucas write?

Well, George Lucas wrote the ideas for all of the films, but he has not written any novels on the film or in the extended universe. All of those novels are written by differen

Is George Lucas divorced?

  Yes. He used to be married to Marcia Lucas (who, by the way, won an Oscar for Editing Star Wars).