What organ does a rat not have that humans have?

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An appendix! Rats have tails instead- the human appendix is thought by evolutionists to be the remnant of a tail, that is left over from when we evolved from marine animals millions of years ago.
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How do you kill a rat humanely?

Efixitiation by means of C02 generally works, another humanely way is to put it in a freezer to die slowly and asleep.

What can humans do with rats?

Target practice is one common use. They can also be used in animal testing, probably the 2nd most common use. A third use would be as a food source, though that is not highly

Do rats eat baby humans?

Are you kidding!?!?! How could you ask such a thing! Of course rats don't eat baby humans. 1: They are too big. 2: Rats DON"T EAT PEOPLE.

Do rats eat human feces?

Yes, for the nutrients. So, be caeful of sewer mains that backup into homes. Mice will eat them as well.
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Are rats afraid of human beings?

yes they are because for them we are like giants. And if they werent scared of us they wouldn't hide.