What organisms in kingdom protista are pathogenic?

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I'm looking in my textbook and it says that these are harmful pathogenic organisms in Kingdom Protista: Sarcodina: Entamoeba Histolytica Coli, which is often spread through contaminated water. That's why when you go to foreign countries they say, "Don't drink the water!" Entamoeba Histolytica causes severe dysentery, nausea, exhaustion, diahrrea, and sometimes even death! So be careful! Mastigophorites are also pathogenic. A small fly known as the tsetse fly carries mastigophorites that belong to the genus trypanosoma, which causes African Sleeping Sickness, a disease which often leads to death. Balantidium Coli is a species of ciliophora that is a parasitic pathogen of animals such as rats, pigs, and guinea pigs. The animal eats or drinks a substance contaminated with this and it is transfered to the animal or even the person. The coli feeds off of the animal/human's fecal matter (poop) , resulting in severe dysentery. It is not common in the US, but is very common in tropical regions of the world where malnutritioned people and pigs live in close proximity of one another. Hope this helps you ! Love always, your friend, April R.
Plasmodium, toxoplasma and E. histolytica.
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What organisms make up the kingdom protista?

The kingdom Protista is basically "catch-all" type of category for scientists, meaning any eukaryotic organism that can not be classified as either a fungus, animal, or plant

What organisms does the kingdom protista contain?

The kingdom protista contains organisms that are unicellulareukaryotes not classified as plants, animals, fungi or bacteria.The kingdom protista contains varieties of eukaryot